E30 6 speed swap

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. There are two main reasons to swap transmissions in an E to exchange one worn transmission for a better one or to change from an automatic to a manual more preferred. FYI, the first scenario is easier. With both automatics and manuals, there are some year-to-year differences in the six-cylinder engines that make seemingly straightforward swaps a little more complicated.

For one thing early eta engines have two crank-position sensors mounted to the bellhousing. This means that swapping from early to late is easier than from late to early, since there are no holes in the later bellhousing for mounting the sensor. In addition, there is a difference in the output flange of the transmission, matching the two different giubos used on the E If you are swapping an automatic into an early car, make sure to stick with the early transmission to resolve both problems.

Later cars can use either transmission with some concerns noted below but need to have the matching driveshaft. If you are replacing the same kind of transmission automatic for automatic, foryou can use the original driveshaft by swapping the output flange on the transmission case to match. A mm thin-walled socket is needed and you may as well replace the rear seal while you have it apart. There are three different versions of the Getrag transmission installed behind six-cylinder M20 engines.

All three are very similar because they have the same bellhousing bolt pattern and are the same length. That means they can be interchanged relatively easily. They all have a similar external shift linkage.

Many external parts are swappable, but each has some differences that can complicate swaps. The first difference is in the crank-position sensor location.

A few later transmissions were cast with an undrilled boss for the position sensors, so check carefully if you want to install one on your early eta engine. If you want to use an early transmission on a later engine there is one slight issue.

E30 Components

The bellhousing is approximately 10 mm deeper than the later bellhousing. Many people have successfully swapped them without difficulty, but to be on the safe side you can use a thicker Sachs throw-out bearing PN to make up the difference. It looks complicated, but the Getrag is actually a straightforward, tough transmission that can handle lots of power and even some abuse.

Photo Courtesy Metric Mechanic. It is moved by the shifter to select either first or second gear. The synchronizers slow the shift and match the speed of the gear to the synchro sleeve for a smooth shift. There you can see the relationship between the synchronizer sleeve topsynchronizer middleand gear bottom.

e30 6 speed swap

All three have to be in near perfect condition for the transmission to shift well. There is one other important difference. First, the early up to model year shift linkage is mounted to airflow jupyter notebook stamped-steel bracket bolted to the rear of the transmission.

Starting inthe transmission case incorporated bearing posts to more solidly mount the shift linkage. The linkage is not interchangeable between the two types, so make sure to get the linkage that matches your transmission and car.This is the complete kit to make your e30 a threat to moderns.

If you speak BMW code, that translates into m60, m62, s60, and s No hacking of the car is needed completely reversible. Some components will also work for e36 bmw v8 conversions.

Please keep in mind the custom nature of these parts. Please allow about 2 week for delivery. Available in both steel and aluminum! To be used with ,e28 m5, e34 or e38 motor mounts. X5 or milled down oil housings are required.

Each item may be purchased separately if desired or as complete kit. Allows the bolt up of bmw m60, m62, s60, s62 v8s into the e30 chassis. Factory oil pan may be used. Subframe spacers included in every kit. Use of subframe spacers is optional. The conversion will work without them. However, they keep the drive line straighter. Click here to buy mounts separately or make your own e30 m6x swap kit.

e30 6 speed swap

The brake booster relocation is the hardest part of the v8 into e30 swap. The factory booster is in the way.

e30 6 speed swap

This is costly, requires lots of custom work, clutters engine bay, and requires the removal or relocation of the complete abs setup including brake lines. With this boosterless brake setup bracket, swap time is shorter, and swap is cleaner. Everything is relocated tightly and neatly under the dash in the factory pedal area. When the conversion is done, its all hidden! Simply mount the reservoirs in your engine bay and that's the only give away.

These are the most compact masters and the smaller bore means that effort will be bearable. All grade 8 hardware included. This is for the conversion bracket and hardware only.

When swapping in a bmw 6 speed transmission, the additional length of the transmission means you cannot use your factory transmission brace. You will need to "extend it". To do this, you need these pre-cut trans bracket extension brackets.Well then an m6x engine is definitely a great way of giving your e30 some more punch. The engines are cheap, the mounts are made available by Garagisticthe weight penalty is minimal, and the fun is endless.

This guide is extremely detailed! So you decided your going to make your e30 a beast by putting in a monster four-valve BMW V8 engine. However, there are somethings you should know before picking your engine.

M60s can be found be in E32 and E34 series. The 3-liter version was installed in the i and i. Click here to see info you need to know when picking an engine or donor car. In the m60 was replaced with the M All these motors came with alusil blocks so this is a huge plus. The engine capacity was increased to either 3. Early engines were non-vanos makes swap easier.

Later in their life, however; vanos was added as well as an EWS system antitheft. If you have a later engine with vanos and the EWS, a couple factors are added to your swap. Some have been able to remove EWS using a chip or some other mods. Another route is to make sure that you get a complete ews system with the motor as well as the specific key to the system as well. Thats the ews box, keys with chips in themreceiver, and ring. The ews system can be incorporated into the wiring, however; it gets complicated very quickly.

More info coming soon! This route is one we took on our very own Lela. You start with an m62 engine which are all alusil, so you wont have to worry about getting a bad blockyou take the complete wiring, sensors and dme from an m60 4. You then modify the cam hall effect sensor to only have one tooth like the m60 sensor. Then comes the hard part, you either use the m60 front chain cover, or cut the mount for the trigger off the m60 cover and weld it onto your m62 cover.

This requires a skilled welder since its cast. Many cast item require both a post heat and a preheat!Login or Sign Up. Logging in Remember me. Log in. Forgot password or user name? S50B32 swap on e30 M3 help. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 2. Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 template Next.

Sikky Stage 3 BMW E30 LS3 Swap Package (w/ Wiring Harness)

S50B32 swap on e30 M3 helpAM. First, thanks for build this great forum, i have response for a lot of questions for my car, but i really need help with some tips. I already take out the S14B25 from my car, and i want to know who can help me with the wiring harness, i need some diagram to converse to OBDI my inyection, I noticed that VLAD, and some other members here already done this work, but notice that im far away from Rui Azevedo who done those worksim from Guatemala, and i need some help with this.

The gearbox will fit perfectly?

e30 6 speed swap

My rear Diff, 4. Last edited by purebmw ;AM. Tags: None. QQcmdZViewItem what about the transponder in the key? Comment Post Cancel. Originally posted by Bennetts22 View Post. You need the E36 tranny mounts and bracket.

There is an astounding amount of info on r3v. THere is a company that makes a CD that documents the swap piece by piece as well Koala Motorsport maybe? I can't remember off hand. In any case, it's about 90 bucks and gives you step by step instructions. May be worth checking out. Booster I'm told that the brake booster from a Suzuki Samari works fine for the swap. And it's real cheap. Originally posted by Bruce View Post.When swapping in an M6x and you want to use a BMW 6 speed transmission, the additional length of the transmission means you cannot use your factory transmission brace.

You will need to "extend it". To do this, you need these pre-cut trans bracket extension brackets. Simply weld them onto your factory brace and you 6 speed is mounted! Please note that this extension is not required when doing the 5 speed behind an M6x.

These adapters allow the use of your OEM transmission brace. When swapping in a BMW 6 speed transmission, the additional length of the transmission means you cannot use your factory transmission brace, you will need to "extend it".

Note: The E46 i zhp zf 6 speed gear box has an updated design of clutch splines read:efficient! Price is for a pair 2 units. Enough to do 1 car. Close menu. Home Catalog. New products. BMW stainless steel brake and clutch lines. BMW Reinforcements. BMW shift knobs. Odometer gears. BMW Subframes. BMW Delrin Bushings. BMW Polyurethane Bushings. BMW Shifter Rebuild kits. Choose chassis. BMW 3 Series Parts. BMW 5 Series Parts. BMW 6 Series parts. E24 Performance Parts. Other BMW parts. Help Desk.

Track order. Order Status. Returns and Exchanges. Help Center. Instruction Lookup. Lifetime Warranty. Contact us. Log in. Close cart. Add to cart. What engines could use these 6 speed gear boxes?Select an option Delphi Sensor Bosch Sensor. Optional add on items complete the kit for a turnkey install. Super simple chassis connections — no OEM fuseboxes needed. At Sikky, our goal is to innovate and design the highest quality products for the automotive performance industry.

With a no compromises approach we design and manufacture our products at a level typically only seen from the Aerospace industry.

Requires no modifications to the factory cross member or subframe and does not hang below the crossmember when installed.

Required to run E36 steering rack and run eye ball arms for header clearance. The headers also require the use of our low profile steering shaft. This also allows for less clutter in the engine bay, and room for the drivers side head to not interfere with the brake booster. Factory master cylinder needs to be removed or replaced on this swap to allow clearance for the engine.

Stage 3 package details:. You may also like…. Select options Show Details. Add to cart Show Details.

E30 m60 swap kit

Related products. Like us on Facebook. Follow us in Instagram. About Sikky At Sikky, our goal is to innovate and design the highest quality products for the automotive performance industry.BMW Conversion Kits. Our 6 speed manual gearbox for ' BMW 6 cylinder E36 cars has been a success in the field for years.

Select Options. Successfully Added to your Shopping Cart. Adding to Cart Our pilot bearing carrier allows for the use of 5 speed flywheels with our E36 6 Speed conversion. Maximum quantity exceeded. Minimum purchase amount of 0 is required. We are now making essential pieces available in a kit. Required to align the shifter arm when using the GSBZ transmission.

The booster is required to retrofit an E36 twin cam engine in the earlier E30 chassis. Do you already have a source for a ZF manual transmission that you've been wanting to install in place of your automatic? Then our E36 5 Speed Install Kit is what you need. Do you already have a source for a Getrag manual transmission that you've been wanting to install in place of your automatic?

The Install Kit includes everything but the transmission. This kit contains all necessary parts to convert an E36 3 series automatic to a manual differential not included.

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