Egr delete kit for 2014 cruze diesel

Have you ever had this question in your mind? A big question that vehicle owners are asking and expecting to get proper answer. These terms are very important. If you own vehicles, you should know these well. Understanding these terms can help you maintain your vehicles well. It is obvious that nobody wants to slow down his or her vehicle, especially heavy trucks, with additional equipment.

For this situation, the emission technology is the main point to consider, but it is mandated by the LAW. There are perks to owning a diesel-powered truck. There is very noticeable a difference between gasoline and diesel in terms of cost. In truth, diesel trucks costs more up front.

Expect cost to be even higher if we are talking about heavy-duty truck models. But, those are just upfront costs. You will be able to get your investment back after a few years, since diesel-powered trucks are known to last longer than gasoline-powered ones.

You will even end up saving money on diesel fuel. But the thing is, in order to get the most out of your diesel-powered truck, you need to do a few modifications. One of these modifications is the DPF Delete.

DPF delete : Chevrolet Cruze 2.0 L 148 hp Diesel

This article will explain everything you need to know about DPF Delete. The combustion process in a diesel engine will result in two by-products. These by-products are gasses and solid particulates.

These particulates are very much like soot.Package Includes. The only payment method we accept so far is PayPal. If this brought up any inconvenience to you, please accept our apology. Any other question is welcome to ask through our excellent customer service.

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egr delete kit for 2014 cruze diesel

When you buy from us at the lowest price, offering the best shipping program and backed by our great customer service, we want to reward you! Team Ops Cash can be used towards items purchased on our website. Have you ever seen something advertised for a lower price than ours? Our price match guarantee is for that exact situation! We stand behind our great prices and are confident that we have the lowest prices around. Give us a call and direct us to the lower price.

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We hope you don't need to return anything, but if you do here is the process:. At the top of the page you will see a drop down box with a list of orders eligible for a return. Once you fill out that form, a return request will be initiated.

A member of our team will review, and you will receive an email with further instruction on how to proceed. Exhaust Gas Recirculation EGR systems have been on vehicles for decades now to help with emissions and laws. They are not perfect and have left many people stranded at times of need with their vehicles. Specifically on Diesel Trucks, they have been known to get clogged with soot, have a cracked end take, and create performance and reliability issues.

Diesel Ops has many different types of solutions out there for you, whether you are in need of a new cooler replacement or a more permanent solution such as an EGR Delete Kit for off-road race vehicles.

We can identify and help you with your needs to come up with a cost effective solution for you. Diesel Ops has many experts on hand to help with any EGR issues, or solutions that you might have, don't hesitate to call us at or e-mail us at sales dieselops. We treat our customers like family before and after every sale.

Stop in the shop, call us on the phone or shoot us an email and you will always get the same level of personal service from. Diesel Ops. Search: Search. Select Your Diesel Vehicle. Please Select Find Reset. Free Shipping Policy. Team Ops Cash When you buy from us at the lowest price, offering the best shipping program and backed by our great customer service, we want to reward you!Mercedes has changed the exhaust configuration as of late so this kit will no longer fit.

Increase the performance, reliability and fuel economy of your Sprinter 3. This can be a huge benefit for small and large business owners alike. This package includes all the hardware you will need for a complete DPF delete.

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Unlike other products on the market, we took the time and effort required to utilize the stock mounting bracket on the engine block. Incorporating this into our design keeps as much weight as possible off of your turbo, ensuring that this product will not put added stress and wear on the turbo, because let's be honest, that's the last thing you need! Made from stainless steel, you can be certain it will outlast any warranty out there,that's why ours is a lifetime warranty.

No cutting or welding required. These parts will bolt up between your factory downpipe and tail pipe. This kit is built to last with high quality Stainless Steel. These, along with all unused sensor connectors can simply be tied up, out of the way. Special Note:.

As of April 28th, the EGT bungs in the downpipe have been deleted along with the secondary O2 sensor. The Basic Economy Package is designed to eliminate the Diesel Particulate Filter, Exhaust Gas Recirculation system as well as the factory catalytic converters while utilizing the stock muffler and tail pipe.

With this setup you should expect that the exhaust will be just slightly louder than stock but not by much since the stock muffler remains in place.

If you are looking for stock like silence, we highly recommend one of the Resonator options. The DPF Delete downpipe is built to last with grade stainless steel and the worlds most reliable aftermarket flex pipe. Rest assured that all your original sensors will be plugged back in where they belong in the new downpipe. Rawtek has engineered this downpipe to be as good as it can be. The SCR delete midpipe is made from ss 16 gauge tube.

It is fully tig welded and includes hangers in the stock locations and an optional high flow Diesel Oxidation Catalyst DOC from GESi, for those who want to cut down on the extra diesel smell. For bulletproof reliability in even the most severe environments and to help reduce under hood temperatures and noise, we build these downpipes twice as thick as anything else on the market.

Much more power can be made with higher level tunes and supporting hardware upgrades. As with all aftermarket tuning, the condition of the engine will factor into power levels generated.

egr delete kit for 2014 cruze diesel

Everything else post turbo is deleted in the Malone tuning and should be unplugged completely from the vehicle at their connectors. This ECO Kit Economy Package is designed to eliminate the Diesel Particulate Filter, Exhaust Gas Recirculation system as well as the factory catalytic converters and Adblue injection system while utilizing the stock muffler and tail pipe.

This performance exhaust package is designed to eliminate the Diesel Particulate Filter, Exhaust Gas Recirculation system, factory catalytic converters as well as your OEM muffler.

With this setup you should expect a much more aggressive exhaust sound. We highly recommend one of the resonator options when running this turbo back exhaust. The resonator will give a nice deep exhaust note and eliminate highway exhaust drone.Are you having issues with your DPF?

Are you having to waste your money on costly repairs? You will not see any power gains, but should have a slight increase in fuel economy due to elimination of REGEN cycles and a free flowing exhaust. If you are looking for a little more power as well as increased fuel economy, you should consider the Stage 1 tuning. Bench Flashing your ECM is the cheapest way to get it tuned however it involves removing your ECM and sending to us so we can tune it on our bench. Malone Stage 1 tune for Sprinter 3.

Then this tune is what you'll need to get it done! While still increasing your power Malone has made this conservative option to limited the amount of smoke produced out of the exhaust. Malone Stage 0. The Stage 0. Note that this tune will require a DSG transmission tune if equipped. The Stage 2 is by far the most popular tune. The Stage 2 gets the most performance and fuel economy possible out of your TDI without having to upgrade the turbo. This is the best bang for your buck.

Note that this setup will require a clutch upgrade for manual car or a DSG tune for an automatic transmission. Malone Stage 3. The Stage 3. Also an EGT gauge is strongly recommended. This tune will allow your vehicle to perform to it's maximum capabilities by changing the stock programming on your car's ECM.

With very little effort and no risk of overstressing the stock internals of your engine, Malone Tuning is capable of dramatically increasing the power output of the 2. Designed for customers who want to improve reliability but aren't seeking added power.

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egr delete kit for 2014 cruze diesel

DPF Delete Kits. Air Intakes. Cat-Back Exhaust. ECM Reprogramming. Exhaust Sub-Components. Become a Dealer. Quick Order Form. Dealer Login. Return Policy. Contact Us. Log in.Help Desk. Shop All. My Account Access My Garage. View All. GM Chevy 2. Show Categories. Exterior Click to Scroll. Interior Click to Scroll. The 2. The new design features an iron-block, aluminum head and steel crankshaft with a compression ratio of With emission outputs lower than previous generation diesels, this engine pulls in an EPA-estimated 46MPG and includes on-board emissions systems such as Exhaust Gas Recirculation EGRselective catalyst reduction, a particulate filter and an advanced fuel system to meet stringent emissions standards in the U.

Make sure to check back often as we continuously update our site with new and innovative products for your Chevy Cruze Diesel. As an integral part of the automotive supply chain, at this point all call centers and distribution centers remain fully operational to ensure we keep vital service components flowing to vehicles used in transport of goods and emergency response.

All employees have been encouraged to follow the CDC's recommendations at home and in the workplace. The circumstances of this virus are fast moving, as such, we will continue to update you with any further operational adjustments as needed. As always, we value your business and appreciate your patience as we manage this situation together.If you are reading this you have or are thinking of deleting your DPF Diesel Particulate Filter and before you do, you need to consider all possibilities and repercussions.

As most of you know, the EPA has found the need to come down with an iron fist on emissions and specifically on the diesel market. They were possibly the biggest name in diesel performance at the time and made some serious waves in the automotive aftermarket. If you are like most, you are facing or have faced this choice of needing to find a way to clean the DPF, replace the DPF or remove it all together which for the record Washington lawmakers, we do not condone!

So what do you do? Break the bank on a new DPF only for it to cause detrimental damage again in the future, delete it and get performance and mileage gains and possibly face legal repercussions?

EGR Delete or EGR Cooler?

This is a huge debate and further more a daily moral battle for diesel truck owners. Maybe not tomorrow, but a few years from now we can all expect to be under laws just like California and we will need to seek alternatives for deleting the DPF. Our honest to god recommendation to you, should you decide to remove a DPF is to keep it!

GDP EGR Delete Kit Dodge Ram Cummins Diesel 6.7 13-19

As an industry, I hope to see Top tuners and exhaust manufacturers start planning for this seemingly hopeless future so we can live on pushing the limits of diesel performance and seeking out the best performance tunes without the need for a DPF delete.

I also feel that their roles in what we do with our vehicles is absolutely no concern of theirs! It sounds more like they are creating job security for themselves. We do not condone deleting any On road vehicle.

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