Illustration of an Exorcism in the Xbox version of Sonic Unleashed. It enables the player to purge townspeople possessed by Dark Gaia's Minions. Exorcisms are a function that lets the player drive Dark Gaia's Minions out of the townspeople in the Town Stages. At night, townspeople possessed by Dark Gaia's Minions exhibit abnormal behavior for them, have purple smoke around their heads, and may even have something extra next to their names in their speech bubbles for example, "Kwami Acting Strangely".

The following list contains a complete summary of people possessed by Dark Gaia's Minions. Two humans being exorcised from Dark Gaia 's energies. In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comicsexorcisms appeared during the Shattered World Crisis. On Isolated IslandSally and Dr.

Ellidy got into a heated argument about Nikki and Nicolesince they were being affected by Dark Gaia's energies, but Sally broke it up upon realizing it. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Contents [ show ].

See also: :Category:Characters susceptible to exorcism. Sonic Unleashed. Categories :. Endless Possibility Dear My Friend.Movies dealing with the subject of exorcisms. R min Horror. When a 12 year-old girl is possessed by a mysterious entity, her mother seeks the help of two priests to save her. A teenage girl once possessed by a demon finds that it still lurks within her. Meanwhile, a priest investigates the death of the girl's exorcist.

R min Drama, Horror, Mystery. A police Lieutenant uncovers more than he bargained for as his investigation of a series of murders, which have all the hallmarks of the deceased Gemini serial killer, leads him to question the patients of a psychiatric ward. R min Horror, Mystery, Thriller. This is the tale of Father Merrin's initial battle with Pazuzu and the rediscovery of his faith.

R min Drama, Horror, Thriller. Merrin's initial battle with Pazuzu leads to the rediscovery of his faith. TV 45 min Drama, Horror, Mystery. Follows three priests dealing with cases of a demonic presence targeting a family and a foster home. Votes: 23, A demonic nun unleashes holy hell when she summons the devil to possess a great white shark.

Votes: 1, R 91 min Horror. Documentary covering the famous 'demonic possession' case of Anneliese Michel. The film features authentic footage of 'exorcisms' and other shocking events, considered to be the inspiration Votes: PG min Drama, Horror, Thriller.

A lawyer takes on a negligent homicide case involving a priest who performed an exorcism on a young girl. PG 87 min Horror, Mystery, Thriller. A troubled evangelical minister agrees to let his last exorcism be filmed by a documentary crew. PG 88 min Horror, Thriller. As Nell Sweetzer tries to build a new life after the events of the first movie, the evil force that once possessed her returns with an even more horrific plan.

Not Rated 81 min Drama, Horror, Mystery. A skeptical grad student and a renowned paranormal specialist investigate a potentially haunted home and the troubled woman inside whose affliction may be beyond the capacity of either of them.

Unrated 96 min Horror. Taking place years after The Haunting of Molly Hartley, who now, as an adult, has fallen under the possession of an evil spirit and must be exorcised by a fallen priest before the devil completely takes her.

Director: Steven R. Votes: 3, Not Rated 75 min Horror. A Priest and a Vatican investigator take a possessed housewife to a convent to perform an Exorcism.The belief that demons exist and can possess people is of course the stuff of fiction and horror films — but it is also one of the most widely-held religious beliefs in the world. Most religions claim that humans can be possessed by demonic spirits the Bible, for example, recounts six instances of Jesus casting out demonsand offer exorcisms to remedy this threat.

The idea that invading spirits are inherently evil is largely a Judeo-Christian concept; many religions and belief systems accept possession by both beneficent and malevolent entities for short periods of time as uncommon — and not especially alarming — aspects of spiritual life.

Spiritualism, a religion that flourished across America in the s and is still practiced in a few places today, teaches that death is an illusion and that spirits can possess humans. New Agers have also long embraced a form of possession called channeling, in which spirits of the dead are said to inhabit a medium's body and communicate through them.

Hundreds of books, and even some symphonies, have been allegedly composed by spirits. Hollywood, of course, has been eager to capitalize on the public's continued fascination with exorcism and demonic possession with films often dubbed "based on a true story. The greatest cultural influence, of course, came from the classic "The Exorcist. The script was written by William Peter Blatty, adapted from his best-selling novel of the same name.

Blatty believed or claimed to believe it was an accurate account, though later research revealed the story had been sensationalized was far from credible. As for historical accuracy, though, Cuneo characterizes Blatty's work as a massive structure of fantasy resting on a flimsy foundation of one priest's diary. There really was a boy who underwent an exorcism, but virtually all of the gory and sensational details appearing in the book and film were wildly exaggerated or completely made up.

While many Americans think of real exorcisms as relics of the Dark Ages, exorcisms continue to be performed, often on people who are emotionally and mentally disturbed.

Whether those undergoing the exorcism are truly possessed by spirits or demons is another matter entirely. Exorcisms are done on people of strong religious faith. To the extent that exorcisms "work," it is due to the power of suggestion and psychology: If you believe you're possessed and that an exorcism will cure youthen it just might.

The word exorcism derives from the Greek word for oath, "exousia. Lewis explains in his book "Satanism Today: An Encyclopedia of Religion, Folklore, and Popular Culture," "To exorcise thus means something along the lines of placing the possessing spirit under oath — invoking a higher authority to compel the spirit — rather than an actual 'casting out.

The Vatican first issued official guidelines on exorcism inand revised them in According to the U.We're watching " Tiger King " on Netflix for sure. Our recommendations also include " Night on Earth ", " Ozark ," and more. See our picks. Title: The Vatican Exorcisms A priest and two Vatican exorcists must do battle with an ancient satanic force to save the soul of a young woman.

In a remote town in Ireland, eleven-year-old Niamh finds herself the sole survivor of a bloody massacre that killed her parents and younger brother.


Suspecting a gang of homicidal vandals, A doctor takes in a mysterious man who washes ashore at her remote cottage with a gunshot wound. Quickly they both learn the killer has arrived to finish the job, while a storm has cut them off from the mainland.

The Morning After is a feature film that consists of 8 vignettes that are inter-cut throughout the film. The 8 vignettes are about when you wake up next to someone the next morning An Indonesian "forest demon" stalks the members of an expedition group on a mission to locate and tag the mythical Javan Leopard deep in the rain-forest.

A newlywed couple disappeared intheir 8mm tapes reveal one of the most horrifying events in Mexican history. A rogue Police Detective in search of his parents' killer is murdered and then reborn as the ultimate killer. In a young woman was possessed by a demon claiming to be the Devil, a local priest was requested by the girl's mother to perform an Exorcism. No one knows what became of them. Across the world, demonic possessions are on the increase. Two specialists are brought in and uncover a dark and terrifying worldwide plot.

A troubled evangelical minister agrees to let his last exorcism be filmed by a documentary crew. Little does he know that one of his apprentices was cornered by his brother and forced to hide a large amount of cocaine inside the factory. The Vatican Exorcisms was shot by Joe Marino, an American film-maker who went to Italy to shed light on the phenomenon of exorcisms.

Accompanied by Padre Luigi, a true exorcist, Joe travels to the south of Italy, a place where the sacred and profane have always lived together, where Christian rituals are inextricably linked to the pagan ones.

Written by Anonymous. While the found footage genre has definitely deserved some of the hate it has gotten over the years, it angers me that films about exorcisms and the conspiracies of The Vatican, which are more uniformly awful than the former, don't seem to get the widespread hate that found footage films do.

Whenever a new found footage film hits theaters, it's dismissed almost instantly of a retread of familiar ground, yet films concerning the Catholic church don't get the same sort of dismissal perhaps because they are now appearing in less and less theaters and more on the direct-to-DVD market?

Whatever the case, Joe Marino's The Vatican Exorcisms adds to the scrapheap of lackluster exorcism films, a genre that some thirty years ago seemed fresh and limitless, but now, is as predictable and as frightening as a child jumping out of bushes shouting "boo" in the middle of the afternoon.

The film's DVD release is positioned ever-so closely to the limited theatrical release of another film titled The Vatican Tapes unseen by me, as of nowundoubtedly to cause a sense of consumer confusion or perhaps market saturation of a genre of films that peaked with its first major hit in and has yet to impress on a level even remotely close to its grandfather.

This is one of those mockumentaries fake documentaries that tries to get you to believe what you're seeing is real footage, but because the approach the constant iteration of showing the truth and assertion that the director and crew are making a movie and the structure are so generic, any elements of originality are sacrificed for routine storytelling.

We follow director Joe Marino as he travels to Italy with the goal of exposing the many crimes of The Vatican, including the disappearance of young women, Satanic rituals, orgies, and exorcisms, all of which the church has worked to cover up.The music sometimes sounding like the exorcism of a multitude of demons, each one of whom was mightily resisting his expulsion.

The rite of exorcism is not quite as sensational as movies and legend might have one believe. Little is new in the possession and exorcism : for the most part they are a repetition of those of Aix and Loudun. They saw figures, heard crashes, and the divine did a little Anglican exorcism. In The Roman Ritual, there is an exorcism for evil spirits and a ceremony for the succour of the sick cura infirmorum.

Whether or no it was the result of the exorcismthere is no doubt that he definitely went away. The vicar shall come here at once, and I'll get him to hold a service of exorcism. Advertisement top definitions quizzes related content examples explore dictionary exorcism.

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See exorcise-ism. Words nearby exorcism exor. Words related to exorcism purificationceremonyexpulsionritualejection. Example sentences from the Web for exorcism The music sometimes sounding like the exorcism of a multitude of demons, each one of whom was mightily resisting his expulsion.

The Superstitions of Witchcraft Howard Williams. Tremendous Trifles G. Austin and His Friends Frederic H.If you've seen the movie "The Exorcist," you at least have some idea of what exorcism is about. It has to do with ridding a human being of diabolic possession, it's typically associated with Roman Catholic beliefs, and if the movie is any indication, it's very, very scary. You may remember with a shudder the teenage girl whose head spun around, her body in convulsions, her voice that of a demon spewing curses and obscenities while the battered priest of "The Exorcist" fought the devil to save her soul.

This Hollywood version of an exorcism is supposedly based on a real-life exorcism performed on a Maryland boy in Priests are still performing exorcisms today. Is exorcism real, or are the subject and the exorcist unconsciously acting out roles from a popular movie? Are there other explanations for what some people call "possession"?

In this article, we'll focus on the Roman Catholic exorcism rite because of its tremendous presence in popular culture thanks to "The Exorcist" and its successors. We'll learn why a priest might perform an exorcism, find out what the ritual involves, take a look at a real-life exorcism and discuss the controversy surrounding the practice. The Catholic Encyclopedia defines exorcism as "the act of driving out, or warding off, demons, or evil spirits, from persons, places, or things, which are believed to be possessed or infested by them, or are liable to become victims or instruments of their malice.

A "real exorcism" is what most of us think of when we think of exorcism. In this case, the priest-exorcist is dealing with a human being who is possessed by the devil -- the devil is inhabiting this person's body. The Hollywood version of a real exorcism looks something like this:. According to the Church, telltale signs of demonic possession include [ ref ]:.

When exorcists need help, they call him

If you do a Google search for the word "exorcism," you'll find ads for exorcists -- Wanda Pratnicka, for example, has "30 years experience with 25, successfully performed exorcisms. But to the Roman Catholic Church, it's rare: It only finds true demonic possession in about one out of every 5, reported cases [ ref ].

So what does it take for the Church to send in an exorcist? There are also reports that Mother Teresa underwent an exorcism shortly before her death in because the Archbishop of Calcutta believed she was being assaulted by the devil. How Hypnosis Works. How Witchcraft Works. Myth Afterlife. Photo courtesy Amazon.


Baptismal exorcism - blessing an infant prior to baptism to cleanse it of evil resulting from original sin Simple exorcism - blessing a place or thing to rid it of evil influence Real exorcism - performing the Rite of Exorcism to rid a human being of diabolical possession. Scene from "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" Photo courtesy Sony Pictures. Speaking or understanding languages which the person has never learned different from "speaking in tongues," which is considered a sign of religious ecstasy, not possession Knowing and revealing things the person has no earthly way of knowing Physical strength beyond the person's natural physical makeup A violent aversion to God, the Virgin Mary, the cross and other images of Catholic faith.

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Exorcism: Facts and Fiction About Demonic Possession

Keep scrolling for more. Examples of exorcism in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web The trailer teases Paltrow and her team, talking about everything from energy healing to psychedelics to exorcisms. First Known Use of exorcism 14th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1.

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