Foxx grips vs talon grips

Welcome to our site! Dealers are welcome to contact us in regards to our wholesale pricing and terms. Tractiongrips are a great product to add to store shelves, or to sell at gun shows. Just added Just let us know and we'll see what we can come up with. Click the Amazon link below. We only use the finest materials, which are tested and proven to perform extremely well.

Our textured rubber grips are thinner than other brands, and will not effect how the weapon fits in your hand. Our mineral grit grips sets are made from high quality 3M brand material that offers an extreme amount of traction, but won't shed grit and wear out like other grit type grips on the market that are commonly made of sandpaper or skateboard tape, and leave your hands covered in sand.

Anybody who's ever complained about having a slippery gun can no longer use the excuse that their gun is slippery. The grips are also a great product for folks who may have to do some shooting while wearing gloves. Need something you don't see? The textured rubber material is far more comfortable against bare skin than other brands of grips, but adds a lot of "traction" to keep the weapon in place while being handled.

News and Site Updates: TractiongripsLog in or Sign up. Talon Grips vs. Sep 9, I paid 15 for the rubber talon grip last year. Just checked them out for my new glock and they are up to Getting expensive for a peice of sticky rubber. Glock should just start over molding a soft grip handle. GaZinkleSep 9, So here's my review of Raptor vs. Talon rough texture grips. I received the Raptor grips from RYG. I immediately started to install them on my 19 Gen.

While installing the Raptor grips they almost cracked 3 different times. They feel more brittle then the Talon grips. Once lightly heated they did go on, but installation was much harder then any Talon grip I've ever installed.

Another negative to the Raptor grip is that it is much more abrasive then the Talon grips. Talon got it perfect. All and all the Raptor grips are okay, but in the future I will pay more for the Talon grips. In the pics the 19 has the Raptor grips and the 30sf has the Talons. Maybe that's another reason they are raising prices.

Talon vs Hogue grip

They have noticed that a bunch of other companies making the same type of product were charging the same price as them for something cheap and sub par in quality, and with them having a great product made correctly they definitely feel it's worth more than the other products out there I'm sure it is just because they are expanding and growing and have to keep production going.

Glockinator19Sep 9, I would say they have their product perfected.

foxx grips vs talon grips

Don't forget Brookes Tactical Agrip they work really really well. But they are obviously the most expensive out of the stick on grips. I had a set of A-Grips once, lol. Sep 10, Thanks for the review. Looks like Talon is here to stay. J-WillSep 10, Also a little while back the owner of Talon grips died. He was pretty much a one man show. Just a thought.Absolutely loving this little gun so far.

Thoughts on Hogue vs Talon?

The Top 5 Gun Grips Reviewed

Password Home Forums Advertise. Likes Received Looking to add some tackiness or grip to my P CMA likes this. I have the Talon rubber ones on my Feels great. Also have the Talon's on the 12 round mag. Love them. I have on a number of other guns. Can't go wrong with the Talon grips. Have them on a few of my P's and they hold up really well. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk.

Smitty and CMA like this. I went with the Hogue beaver tail grip because my hands are big and now the fits in my hand better. I love my Talon grips on my One of the best things about Talon, besides the feel, is that it does not increase the thickness of the grip. I have them on all of my guns and magazines that extend past the butt of the Grip. I also see that some people like the Hogue Grip. So to each their own.

I've also heard that some people get sweaty hands when shooting and the Talons feel slippery. My hands usually do not get sweaty but I always have a small soft towel in my Range Bag. I put the Talon granulate grips on a Canik and I'm still not sure if I like them. I probably should have gotten the rubber grips. I got the hogue to help fill out some girth on the grip works great feels great oh hogue beavertail. Originally Posted by EM TxMustangman likes this. I've tried both - I have XL hands so wanted a bit more to hold onto.

They are good, but as noted, don't really do much for adding any meat to hold onto. I do like the effect of the Hogue, but it's a bit 'tacky' so makes drawing the gun a bit more difficult.

In the scheme of things I'm experimenting both ways.Log in or Sign up. Talon Grips vs. Sep 5, 1. I was on RockyourGlock. I love Talon grips, but if I can get a comparable product for less money. I can forgo the Talon T on my grips. My question is has anyone tried the Raptor grips? Sep 6, 2.

Well I ordered the Raptor grips. I'll post a comparison review against Talon grips. Sep 6, 3. Let us know what you think! TheAngryYankeeSep 6, Sep 6, 4. As soon as I get them, will do. Sep 6, 5. GaZinkleSep 6, Sep 6, 6. Incidentally, I believe FoxX Holsters forum vendor is now selling some kind of grip tape. Can't remember the price.Last Updated on January 15, Not only do they make your firearm more comfortable to hold, but they secure the gun better in your hand.

Being able to properly hold your gun is a huge safety concern, as just one slip could cost you dearly. In wet conditions some metals become very slippery, which makes for a hazardous situation when shooting. To help secure your firearm we put together this list of high quality gun grips that will not only improve your grip, but keep you more safe. We all want easy solutions when we can get them, and Hogue knows that.

This slips on and provides plenty of back traction for your thumb and index joint, as well as a good resting spot for your pinky underneath the grip. On top of that, the two finger grooves on the front either go over the ones on your gun, or add extra contact points. This rougher design grabs on to multiple micro points of contact to give you ultimate dexterity and control over your gun at all times.

It takes a few minutes to apply to your pistol, and is fitted to last four about five years before you would need to reapply a new one. Instead, choose the sidewall grips, finger inlay grips and read grip to your liking.

If you tend to hold your hand a bit higher on the gun, you can just position the rubber grip around there for improved palm traction. Instead of adding a layer of rubber that extends the overall width of your gun, this works with the indentations that it already has. Universal and ready for action, this slip-over grip is one of the most inexpensive choices on our list, and gives you a great deal of control when you squeeze the trigger.

Available in four colors, the Covert Clutch will fit just about any standard gunmetal color and design on your firearm of choice. The rubber grip Handall tactical grip sleeve is basically an alternate version of our top pick, and mimics the very low price point at the same time.

Slip this on over your smaller, more compact firearms for more texture and a stronger grip. That being said, a pistol grip is basically—through the obscure lens of the law, coming from multiple states—what turns a pistol into a short-handed rifle.

However, there are different areas where a grip can go that might give it a slightly different name. Sometimes you can get a grip strip that just goes on the finger inlays of a gun handle.Click Here To Find Out!

TALON Grips vs Stippling

Talon Grips vs. Traction Grips vs. Custom Grips. Last edited by jhawk19; at AM. I'm picking up my Shield tomorrow and want to add some grip to it. Just from reading reviews online etc. I'm leaning towards the Traction rubber grips. This is going to be my CCW, so the regular gritty sand paper type grip tape is not going to work for me, I need a softer more rubbery surface. I'm anxious to read opinions. Also interested, I find the grip can get a bit Not sure of any other option without substantially thickening up the grip, that isthough?

Last edited by 78Staff; at PM. Saw these too: Looks gray to me, but the ad says they're black. Haven't tried any of the commercially made grips, but a bicycle tube works wonders, very grippy and cheap! Originally Posted by 78Staff. After YouTube'n and web surfing I decided to go with Traction Grips. Don is really nice and will answer any questions you have about his product.

They are not granulate, more of a rubber feel But not tacky. They provide a real nice grip and they are a great improvement to the pistol. Those traction grips look fantastic.

foxx grips vs talon grips

I think I'll try those. Thanks for the awesome pics! I've used the Talon grip tape on a couple of my plastic guns.

foxx grips vs talon grips

IMO, good product, does the job, not very expensive I used the rubber Talon grip tape the last time and I like it better than the sandpaper tape. Doesn't snag clothing, etc. Originally Posted by Kadonny. Originally Posted by SportScout.Log in or Sign up. Carolina Shooters Club. Talon Grips vs. Joined: Dec 2, Messages: 2, Location: not here and def not in canada. Anyone have experience with both of these? Can you draw a conclusion between the two? I got them to fit just about perfect, a little off in a couple areas but not noticeable unless you stare at the thing.

I'm unsure what I think about them. I notice the subtle ridge digging in my palm where the grip ends while holding it. That may wear a bit but I'm not certain. Haven't gotten to shoot it with them on yet. I like how they don't add girth or thickness like a Hogue slip on, but I do wish they wrapped around the entire grip rather than being cut off at the back. I think it will be nice to have these with sweaty hands or during the summer when the frame is against my skin.

I'm glad I ordered just the one grip. I may try Talon on my G19 next. Almost double the price, but there may be a reason for that. Last edited: Feb 11, IrishCannonFeb 11, Remove Advertisement.

Joined: Nov 22, Messages: Location: I have the Talons on three Kahrs and they rock. Talons go all the waay around and fit like a glove. Just don't skip the hairdryer step. GoofyfootFeb 11, Talon grips are awesome. I put them on my competition guns and they make a world of difference. My g34 has been wearing the same one for almost 4 years now and still grips as well as when I first put it on.

Talon Grips vs. Raptor Grips

Grip texture on a pistol grip sides is marketing hype. You gain grip from the front and back straps not the side panels. Try it sometime you will see. BoyetteFeb 11, Yes sir! Point of my post was for the collective not just you.

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