Introduction of new principal to staff

Scenario 1: The Staff Meeting You have been working as a literacy coach in a large elementary school, in which most of your work has been with 4th and 5th grade teachers.

introduction of new principal to staff

When the principal of your school retires, you decide to apply for the job. Many interviews later, you are named as principal. As you think about your new role, you come to a realization: While the teachers with whom you worked closely know you well, most others know you by name only. How should you present yourself so the school is ready—and able—to accept you as their new leader? Scenario 2: The Individual Teacher Meeting You have just gone through a rigorous interview process for a job as the principal of a middle school.

There were interviews with a human resources director; a committee composed of parents, students, and staff; a group of other principals in the district; and, finally, the superintendent. Late on Friday afternoon, you receive a call from the superintendent notifying you that the job is yours. Your first principal job! And where do you begin?

How to Write a Self Introduction Letter as a New Colleague to All Staff on Your First Day

Scenario 3: The Aggressive Parent After taking over a large high school, you have begun the long process of getting to know the students and their parents. You have just finished your welcoming remarks at the school's annual Open House. You told the attendees a little bit about your experience, your goals as their new principal, and how eager you are to be part of their cockroach black magic. Immediately after you conclude, a parent in the front row seems to bolt toward you.

She asks if you have a few moments to talk … now. You can tell by her body language that she is an aggressive parent—one with whom you probably need to build a good relationship.

What are the wisest first steps? When you are hired as a new principal, the buzz throughout the school community will be palpable. Everyone will want to know who you are, what you value, what experience you have, and—above all—what changes you will bring to the school. As with most situations, your initial interaction with your staff and community will set the tone for the future.

A positive start will create momentum that will carry you through the year.Staff introduction ideas cover a wide array of games, activities, and team building events. Each one is geared towards a different objective. Many team introduction ideas are designed towards new staff members getting to know each other, or getting to know current staff members, but they can also be used for staff to reintroduce themselves.

Here at Odyssey Teams, the leading corporate team building company, we offer live eventskeynotes and DIY kits to meet your team building goals. Another team introduction idea to consider is introducing senior management. It can be new employees meeting senior management, or a newly installed senior management meeting an existing company.

Better employee interaction is the direct result of your staff collaborating. They are making sure to get to know one another and staying in touch with each other. These team introduction events are good for the management to stay in touch with their team. This staff introduction idea works within all levels of a company. It centers around information about individuals without getting too personal. Break the staff up, including senior management if available, into groups of three of four.

Then hand out the scavenge sheet. The object of the game is to mark off as many of the descriptions as the group can. These descriptions can be anything like: find someone who has been Africa, find someone who has a cat and a dog, find someone who has never been the beach.

Be sure to have members of the group move around the room so groups interact with one another. This is a particularly fun staff introduction idea for senior management to play when introducing themselves to their staff.

A person writes down two lies and a truth. They then stand up and present this to the group. You can also have the presenter say why the lie was a lie. This is one of the best staff introduction ideas for new management that wants to get to know the staff better. Hand out a piece of paper to everyone in the room. Then fold up the notes and redistribute them.This is the season of new beginnings.

Administrators search for novel ways to inspire their staffs and balance exciting initiatives and necessary mandates into a vision that will move a faculty. But for many educators, it is their first taste of the Principalship as they receive an endorsement from a School Board and Superintendent to be a building leader for the first time. Last week he direct messaged me this:. To answer Kevin in characters is impossible so here are 15 suggestions and more like characters for him:.

I've found the best way to discover the true flavor of your building is to simply listen to the players who make up the school. Do not offer advice but take good notes and let your new teachers, paraprofessionals, specialists, office crew, kitchen staff, and custodians all give their perspective on what is working and what is not.

In one of my Principalships, I tabulated the results of my interviews kindly santized without criticism of individuals and it became a component of my goals for that year and a major topic at the opening staff meeting. These actions validated the opinions of all of the staff. As a new Principal in my mid's I thought that I had it all figured out and that the veteran teachers were nice people but not privy to the latest in pedagogy.

Sure, there will be changes that need to be made over time but earn your respect in the short term so that you will have influence in the long run. Find those teachers who have passion, a hunger for knowledge, and an ability to take measured risks and give them all the support they may need.

Perhaps the best support is your confirming words. But while you do this, be careful to…. This will be difficult. It's only natural to spend more time with those who share your philosophy, simply match your personality, or those you can trust. But it's crucial to be seen as even handed. One former Principal colleague of mine lost her job over time because she was seen as having favorites.

Thus, while humanly difficult, it is important to…. Be kind, caring, and respectful in all of your relationships and be willing to apologize.

introduction of new principal to staff

While cliche, relationships really do matter. Too many leaders are afraid to look weak and thus apologies are rare. Asking for forgiveness and being forgiven is a sign of strength for both parties and usually leads to respect and healing. In your first year, don't be afraid to admit when you're wrong while holding your ground respectfully when you're not. I am surprised that more pre-service teacher programs don't highlight the enormous importance of classroom management for success.

Principal Wrote an Inspirational Letter to Staff

Spend time with your new teachers and help them succeed with their management. Be visible in the hallways, cafeteria and playground. This includes the student activity accounts as more Principals are fired due to mismanagement of these accounts that any other reason. Have your administrative assistant regularly check the line items so that you don't grow short in any area.

Also, ensure that you legitimately spend what you have budgeted.

15 Tips for the New Principal

It's not good to have large overages toward the end of your fiscal year as this is a sign that you didn't need this funding anyway. When I was in the classroom, I had few enemies. It appeared that everyone liked me. I was cool enough and became close friends with many of my colleagues.

As soon as I became a Principal I found that the Teflon began to crack and that my decisions had a larger affect on my co-workers and their lives.Networking and meeting people is important for developing a web of helpful connections during your first days on the job.

New MMS Principal Sends Letter to Parents, Families

While nothing can replace a good old-fashioned handshake, you might not be able to meet everyone in person if you work in a large office or for a company with multiple locations. Reach out and make connections by writing a professional introduction letter to send to your colleagues via email.

While you should discuss your past work experience, you should also include information that positions you as friendly and approachable. Open with a casual salutation, but don't get too relaxed. Now, explain who you are. Provide your full name, department and position in the first line of your opening paragraph. For example: "My name is Sarah Best, and I just recently joined the marketing department as the new communications coordinator.

Tell everyone why you;re writing to them. Say how excited you are to learn about the company and get started in your new role. Mention that you're looking forward to meeting more of your colleagues as you settle in during your first week. For example, "I'm really excited to join Company X and I can't wait to start contributing my part to recent re-branding efforts here. I hope to meet many of you in person as I settle in and learn more about the company.

In the next paragraph, outline one or two of your most recent positions and list any areas of expertise: "I come to you with three years of experience as a marketing assistant in a collateral production role at Company Y. I'm particularly interested in branding and customer relationship management.

It's a good idea to provide some insight into your personal interests and hobbies in a separate paragraph. Don't go overboard — one or two should be enough to give colleagues a glimpse of your personality. It's OK to take on a more lighthearted tone. For example, "When I'm not slaving away in Photoshop, I like to take to the great outdoors. You can find me hiking the trails near my house or camping with my family during my off hours.

Describe where you sit so new colleagues can find you and introduce themselves. If you're free for lunch, consider extending an open invitation to your workmates: "If you have a minute and want to stop by to say hello, you can find me in the Chicago office in the cubicle next to the water cooler.

introduction of new principal to staff

I'm heading out for lunch at Ethel's at 1. Stop by my cube if you want to join me and we can walk down together. Close with a statement that emphasizes how eager you are to work with everyone and sign the email with your first name: "Thanks to everyone for being so welcoming. I look forward to working with all of you. Use that signature to sign off on your introduction letter.

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Share It. About the Author.Congratulations, Randy. I know you will do well and I can attest to the fact that your door IS always open, and you are a "Teacher First" administrator. A great question "What are my actions communicating to those around me? Best of luck! Indeed an inspiring speech. Suprabha from New Delhi, India and about to don the mantle of a new first time Principal from tomorrow. I had also prepared a similar speech for my new colleagues.

It is heartening to know that I am on the right path. Thank you. You really hit the target with these words! Exactly how I feel. As I begin my first year as Principal this is the tone I had planned to begin with - thanks for sharing. Detailed and descriptive articles written in this blog is really very helpful for me as well as for other who seeking such kind of knowledge. It is definitely going to become useful in coming future. What a great inspiration.

introduction of new principal to staff

Yes am taking up too as a first time principal. I have found profound wisdom in your speech. Grateful for your words of wisdom and inspiration You're one of a kind.

Good luck and God bless. I am very delighted to read such a speech as l am expecting to be a Principal at a new School. So strengthening opening remarks full of clear expectations from all stakeholders.Stepping into a classroom, you notice the teacher and the students.

Perhaps you walk into the perfect classroom, the teacher has strong classroom management skills; the students are attentive, learning, absorbing, and interested in the topic at hand. However, underneath the persona of a perfect classroom, there lies unseen circumstances plaguing the students who occupy those neatly assembled desks.

Within that classroom lies diversity, poverty, famishment, and lack of energy and attention. Bridging the gap between home and school life is a difficult avenue to pursue. It takes the strength and determination of a thousand, but that can all be captured within one person — the teacher. Educators have a strong ability to see the inner workings of children.

They are able to see the home life and to further notice the lack of support that may be occurring. There are students who are too hungry to stay awake. There are students too intimidated by their bold classmates to speak out; I want to learn… I am afraid to go home… Does anyone have a book I can read … No one hears my voice. But how does one begin to address these issues? The Accelerated Schools model sets high expectations for both the teachers and the students, believing that there are not at-risk students, but only at-risk situations to which children are exposed.

This model also works to improve educational achievements for students of minority and poverty by providing structure and focus into their learning. Instead, instruction is accelerated to keep students motivated and interested in the educational topics being explored. We must work together to provide inclusive and accelerated learning for all of our students.

View All Events. Previous Next. View Larger Image. Take a read. From the Desk of Principal Tim Harris… a true story of poverty, diversity, and restrictedness in the classroom. However, is it ideal? Related Posts.Click To Tweet. Can I help you? You should have everything up and ready for your new starter from the moment they walk through the door. That includes:. This may sound childish, but nominating a buddy for your newbie is a great way to ensure they stay happy and on track.

The buddy will be there to answer any questions and reveal all the written rules, like dress code and lunch times, as well as, unwritten oneslike brew-rounds and what NOT to cook in the microwave!

Show them around and give them a chance to get comfortable with their surroundings with the help of your team! You absolutely MUST keep your new starter busy, during their first week. As long as you have these or similar processes in place, your new starter will soon start to feel like a part of your team! It really is that simple. Fail to prepare; prepare to fail! Let new employees start late; it gives you a chance to prepare yourself. HR Management. Not got a formal induction programme?

You should… HR management. Other articles we think you'll like. Notify of. So you want to start recruiting? We'd love to help.

Firstly, could you tell us what role you're looking to fill? What role are you looking to recruit? Town, City, County or Area for field roles. What basic salary are you looking to pay? Tell us how much you are willing to pay for the right person. Why are you recruiting? We're replacing someone. Due to expansion plans. Because of an internal restructure. How quickly are you looking to recruit?

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