Laptop screen going on and off

Even if the laptop is plugged in, saving a tiny amount of electricity and also possibly leaving the laptop slightly cooler all help in their own small way. The Power Options in Windows have a setting to turn off the monitor after xx amount of minutes when your computer is idle.

Some laptops have a shortcut F key combined with the Fn key to turn the LCD screen off and then by pressing any key will turn it back on. Unfortunately not every laptop has a basic button or combination key that can be used to manually turn off the LCD screen.

Similarly, you might be listening to an audio book or some music while on your travels. Turn Off LCD. This simple little tool was developed by Taimur Asad to turn off the LCD screen on the HP notebook he owns because it lacks a basic button to switch off the display whenever he wants to. The author decided to make his own small application which turns off his notebook LCD just with one click. The application is written in C using Microsoft Visual Studio The program is very small, only 85KB is size and no installation is required.

NET Framework v2 or higher is required.

How To Fix Computer Screen Goes Black But Computer Still Running

Monitor Off Utility takes the simple double click to turn off the screen idea a bit further and gives you some extra configuration options on how and when you want to do it. You can create a hotkey for turning off the screen and also another one for switching on the screensaver. In addition there are also options to enable the Windows Lock Screen before the screen goes into standby and a delay countdown which will popup on the screen and give you a countdown of time to the screen turning off.

If you just want it to behave like the Turn Off LCD program you can do that too and change the options to turn off the screen on launching the program and also when double clicking the tray icon.

Do be careful when setting up a hotkey because you could easily configure it accidentally to conflict with a system hotkey such as print, copy or paste etc. For the hotkeys to work the program needs to be running in the system tray which has a context menu for screen turning off, locking or enabling the screensaver.

Monitor Off has some command line options for use in scripts, shortcuts and batch files, the list can be found in the Help menu. NET v2 is required and it runs on Windows 98 and above, portable or installer versions are available. Download Monitor Off.

laptop screen going on and off

The standard version has more advanced configuration options and useful features such as setting your instant messenger client to Away and pausing the running media player while the screen is off, and re-enable them when the screen turns back on again. You can also set a custom hotkey for both turning the display off and enabling the screensaver along with a custom away message for the messenger program, and the extra option of muting the system volume.

Both versions are completely portable and less than 50K each. I want to make sure I turn off the backlight since I had a backlight die a few years ago and it could not be replaced at reasonable cost. Keep it in downloads folder, drag to start bar to make a quick shortcut. How can I turn my screen off in a way that it stays off while I wirte on the keyboard? The text I write should be saved. I only found software that turns the screen off, but it resumes after pressing any key. I need a software that resumes the screen only after pressing the hotkey.

Does anyone have any solutions? I desperately need some way of turning off the backlight on the screen with some kind of hot key but not putting it to sleep nor waking it up with mouse or keyboard activity. I wish to retrofit a Pixel Qi sunlight readable screen on a netbook Toshiba NBD which will activate when the backlight is completely off. That way I can use it in the sunlight while the screen works in a reflective mode thus conserving battery life per charge. Thank you, brother!!!

It works perfect. This program, actually turns off the back light which is more useful than turning off the LCD. Worked like a charm on my HP laptop. Very easy to install and easy to operateā€¦just double click the icon.My monitor keeps going black. Sometimes I have to power it on and off 20 times before the monitor will work properly, and some days, my monitor won't turn on at all!

When this happens, my monitor power light stays yellow as if the monitor is sleeping or in standby mode. Normally the power light is green when it is powered on and working properly.

Any ideas why my monitor keeps turning off? There are many reasons why a monitor keeps turning off, resulting in a blank display. The best way to resolve this problem is through process of elimination; as such, I will go through the list of things you can do to help determine why the monitor keeps going black or turning off sporadically.

The first thing to do is to ensure that the monitor power cord and the monitor display cable are securely connected. To get started, turn the monitor around to reveal its backside, taking note of the the cables running to it.

The monitor power cord goes from the power outlet to the monitor. If it is not secure, the monitor simply won't turn on indicating no power led in the front of the monitoror it may cause the monitor to short out. In this case, ensure that the power cord is pushed in all the way and the connection is secure. Next, check the monitor display cable. The monitor display cable is the cable that delivers the picture from the computer to the LCD display.

It runs from the back of the computer to the monitor, so you will need to check connections at both ends this time. Follow the cable all the way to the computer and note where it is plugged in. Now, ensure that the cable is screwed into both ends. Note that HDMI cables cannot be screwed in. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to plug the cable in. Now, power the monitor on to see if it comes on. If not, try jostling the wires on the power and video cables to see if it causes the monitor to turn on or go blank.

If one of the wires is at fault, then the display will turn on and off to coincide with your movement. If no change, proceed to the next step. Simply put: both DVI and HDMI are digital signals; if the signal is too weak, the monitor won't sync to the computer, resulting in a blank screen. If the cable run is too long, or of the signal has been split using a non-powered DVI or HDMI splitterthis can cause the monitor to go black because the signal isn't strong enough.

Based on my experience, some HDMI cables will simply stop syncing properly after a while, even though they worked fine previously, and even though the same cable works fine on another device. Sometimes, HDMI cables won't work properly if there has been a recent hardware configuration change. For example, you may have purchased a stereo receiver and ran the cable through the receiver instead of directly through the monitor.

In this case, you can bypass the splitter or receiver and see if that makes any difference.

Laptop Screen Goes Black - You Won't Believe The Problem

At any rate, I suggest you try another HDMI cable if you have one lying around to see if that resolves your problem. If not, purchase one that has a high AWG thickness as this will help to ensure a strong signal.

Assuming that the cables are plugged in securely, power on the monitor and check to see if the monitor keeps going black. If not, proceed to the next step.This was happening while using the laptop at random. Before this happens.

Ths behavior varies. Sometimes it flickers from my desktop to a black screen then back on and some times not.

laptop screen going on and off

NOTE: The laptop keeps runing, i can hear the videos playing so it probably isnt a gpu chip or gpu issuemusic and games. Here are everything i tried and all or the details i could accumulate in past coupe of days:.

If the screen blacks out, on rare ocasions if you close the laptop lid and let the laptop go to sleepwhen waking up screen works again noticable due to screen moving. EDIT: Tried to play a game for a few mins and i got the black screen again. Just for the records. EDIT 2: Just tried to play a game again.

Laptop screen keeps turning off and on

EDIT 3: Tried to play a game again and it seem to trigger the issue. Go to Solution. Hi Ntas. I have read through your post and it seems there are a couple of possibilities, and I noted that you have already tried several of the things I would normally suggest.

I will however post some of those links anyway for you to review, it is always possible there may be something in one of them that may have been missed or may inspire an idea of the cause. Since you mentioned that sometimes just moving the screen will cause the problem or make it disappear, that does seem like either a loose connection or maybe something like pressure on a part of the display causing the issue.

Of course that last part may just mean the display is on its last legs, but hopefully not. First I will give you a link to the service manual, to help you check the connections. Just be careful to read the sections on precautions, to protect yourself and to prevent any other damage. This manual is also useful in that it lists all the compatible parts, so if the display is defective you could use this guide to help order a compatible replacement if you choose to do so.

Here are some other sources, that may be helpful to you. Also for your convenience here is the drivers page for your notebook. After troubleshooting further more using your suggestions i found out that it was a faulty screen cable.

laptop screen going on and off

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Sidebar Sidebar. Forums Laptops Laptop Tech Support. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.Occasionally, my laptop screen will turn off while I'm in the middle of using my laptop. I am not doing anything to cause it to turn off, and when the screen goes dark, all I have to do is move the mouse and the screen comes back on. Any ideas what's going on here? Thanks in advance! Go to Solution. Just wanted to confirm if the above information was helpful in resolving the issue.

If you are still facing any issues, please keep me posted. View solution in original post. This issue may occur due to the power option settings. Please follow the steps below to check the power options. Hope this helps. Please reply for any further help. I tried your suggestions, I've been using my laptop for the past couple of hours and the screen hasn't gone dark. My computer is doing the same thing and I tried the advice given but it still has the problem. I notice that it consistently shuts off the display when a USB memory stick gets plugged in.

Sometimes it may flash 4 times before settling down and shutting off the display. It still randomly shuts off the display when browsing the internet or using software on the computer.

When something is loading seems to be the common factor. I'm having a similar problem, but this hasn't helped. The screen shuts off randomly, if i move the mouse or type it will return before going blank a second later, and sometimes this will repeat several times before the screen will stay on for more than a few seconds I would liken it to nodding off to sleep, it needs to be prodded a few times before it will keep its eyes open so to speak.

I don't have access to an external monitor to which I can connect.Keep in touch and stay productive with Teams and Officeeven when you're working remotely.

Learn More.

laptop screen going on and off

Learn how to collaborate with Office Tech support scams are an industry-wide issue where scammers trick you into paying for unnecessary technical support services. You can help protect yourself from scammers by verifying that the contact is a Microsoft Agent or Microsoft Employee and that the phone number is an official Microsoft global customer service number.

Hi, since I updated to windows 10, my displays randomly truning off and on, which is pretty anoying and I can't figure out what's causing this. Sometimes I can work for a long time without this strange behaviour and sometimes it happen really often. While running the windows preview 10 version and 8. My drivers are all up to date and I checked all cables, which should be fine. This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread.

User Replied on August 15, Hi. We appreciate you for being part of Windows Before proceeding, we need more information to help you better. Do you made nay changes to the power settings on Windows 10? Do you have any pending updates to be installed through Windows updates? This issue may arise if you have changed the power plan settings. Kindly follow the below steps and check if it helps. Type powercfg. Select your current plan and click on Change plan settings.

7 Tools To Manually Turn Off Notebook or Laptop LCD Screen

Change the Turn off the display and Put the computer to sleep to Never. I hope the above information helps. Kindly let us know if you need any further assistance with Windows.Are you using a Windows 10 laptop but the computer screen goes black randomly? This is an annoying thing but don't be worried. Here, this post is written for you to fix a laptop black screen 2 cases to run the computer smoothly.

According to users' feedback, computer getting a black screen is a common issue. However, when it does, the laptop screen goes black for a second; then 5 seconds later, it happens again.

It can even repeat several times. Perhaps you are experiencing a random PC black screen that can bother you a lot since there is not any error code or message giving you an idea where to start troubleshooting. An unexpected black screen can happen on Asus, Lenovo, HP or Dell laptops in a number of scenarios in Windows 10, which may stem from hardware issues and logical faults - for example, a connection problem with your display, power supply, hard disk, internal memory, graphics card, virus attack, mistaken operations, software incompatibility and more.

In the following section, we'll show you many steps to help you troubleshoot and fix the black screen problem on your Windows 10 device. No matter which method you use to fix the issue of the screen goes black randomly, in order to ensure your data security, we strongly recommend backing up your important files first of all since data loss may happen at any time and anywhere in case of a random black screen.

If the laptop screen keeps going black, you might be unable to enter the computer desktop. Then, you may ask: how can I back up my files in the event of an unbootable laptop? Here, we suggest using MiniTool ShadowMaker Bootable Edition to create a file backup when the screen goes black randomly.

Note that Trial Edition only offers you day free trial. To use the software all the time, you can upgrade to a full edition like Pro Edition. Free Download. After the bootable disc or drive is created, go to BIOS to change it as the first boot order to run your PC from it and then start a backup. Just go to the Backup page where you can view all system related partitions are selected in the Source section. Here, your purpose is to back up files before fixing the random laptop black screen, so you need to manually choose what you need to back up.

Just go to the Source module to enter the following interface, click Folders and Files and choose the significant files you want to back up in the pop-up window. Step 3: Next go to the Destination module where some options are offered for you to choose.

Just select one to store the backed up file image. Here, it is recommended to select an external hard drive or USB drive.

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