Medieval sounds

The ambient battle noise of medieval warfare: angry men shouting at each other and clanging their swords together. Mixed together and re-published with permission from the following sources:. Yes, the angry men shouting is actually taken from the stock exchange.

Note that this might work best layered with music, to help mask this fact. Type Mp3. Flag it! Share url:. We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. By browsing our site you agree to our use of cookies.

For more information check out our cookies policy. Register Log In. Ambient battle noise: swords and shouting. Ambient battle noise: swords and shouting - mp3 version Ambient battle noise: swords and shouting - ogg version Ambient battle noise: swords and shouting - waveform Ambient battle noise: swords and shouting - spectrogram Mixed together and re-published with permission from the following sources: - freefire66's "SwordBattle1.

Downloaded times. This work is licensed under the Attribution License. Sound illegal or offensive? Developers Blog About Terms of use. Design by Pixelshell. Some Rights Reserved.Filter our royalty free music selection by feel, by tempo or by genre. You can select multiple terms and when you're ready just hit the Filter button.

If you didn't find anything, you can then Reset filters and start all over again. Honor, courage and pride all in one background music loop. This grand and heroic music piece is dominated by orchestral strings, brass and percussion creating an atmosphere for war but also inciting a feeling of adventure and purpose.

Perfect for video games, movie trailers, role playing games, fantasy battle theme and so on. A mysterious and challenging 8 bit video game music loop with a slightly whimsical and funny mood. Unusual rhythms and instruments followed by some motivating and somewhat heroic melodies. Ideal for retro platformers, adventure and action games. A rhytmic, tense, heroic and marching theme good for RPG battling sequences, fighting scenes, combat, chase and dangerous situation.

Orchestral theme with emotional and epic mood. Brass melody, aggressive string section, strong sense of heroics, ideal for entering a battle or for starting a fantasy adventure.

A bouncy, joyful and marching tune suitable as background music for RPG or platform games with a somewhat fantasy, magical feel and light orchestral arrangement. Peaceful, slow and dreamy song for RPGs, platforms or ingame intro scenes with mostly acoustic instruments and sampled female voice singing. Find and download our selection of royalty-free medieval and ancient music. This collection of instrumental music groups together many original compositions that have a historical and medieval sound, making them perfect to be used as background music for history projects, fantasy, adventure, and folk tales.

On the arrangement, you can find a wide variety of folk and ancient musical instruments, from celtic or asian culture to roman. Stringed instruments, woodwinds and flutes, choirs, harp, horns and of course a variety of percussion instruments. These compositions can definitely be used as background music for YouTube videos, films, documentaries, trailers, and any kind of video game which requires ethnic and fantasy themes.

Like the rest of our music, this ancient music comes as free short music loops or as standard length music loops for which you can purchase one of our two royalty-free licenses. Email address:. Log in. Our site will undergo some scheduled maintenance very soon. During that time, you won't be able to access your customer area, so if you need to download music, you can either do it now or contact us at info playonloop.

Thanks in advance for your patience! Back to products Royalty free Medieval music View all Categories. Choose one of our royalty free music categories:. Action and Trailer. Find Music. Ideal music to use for impactful YouTube videos and trailers. Corporate and Media. Find music. Perfect music for commercials, advertising and YouTube. Easy Listening.

Movie and Underscore. Inspiring and meaningful music for films, games and trailers.Select Delivery Options. Creating rich and vivid medieval background sound atmos like a market place or an encampment can be really time consuming as you have to find and include numerous different sound sources and place them within your stereo or surround environment.

What if you could just drag and drop completely pre-designed medieval background ambiences right into your project? All of them in different sizes, multiple variations and long enough to loop them without sounding repetitive. What, you have a surround environment? We got you covered. All sounds come in stereo and 5. The Middle Ages is one of these eras that can give our imagination wings like no other.

With this collection you can achieve this. Using those sounds couldn't be easier: just drag and drop the designed SFX in your personal project and get absolutely convincing results instantly. All files contain extensive metadata to provide you with the fastest and easiest workflow possible. Imagine farms with cackling chickens, the mowing of sheep, the noise of trotting horse hooves, the opening and closing of old doors and an axe chopping some wood in the background.

In the cities and castles, imagine the echoes of distant persons, the shouting of street vendors, the rattling of iron chains and the constant hammering of the blacksmith. We have recorded the sound of this historical era for you with all its facets. As the sounds are meant to create a convincing background soundscape, the source sounds were recorded in distance to the microphone to capture the original medieval environments and to provide you with a nice open room environment right from the start without having to add complex synthetic reverb or impulse responses.

We went out to visit medieval heritage sites like ruins and castles. For the market place recordings we went to farmers markets around the cathedral in Mainz, Germany that was built around A. A perfect place to capture the spirit of medieval market places.

European and worldwide sound effect library.

On our trip we recorded the hard life of people living in this era. We recorded medieval farm sounds like animals, mechanics of old tools, maids cooking on fireplaces, hurly-burly on marketplaces, blacksmiths hammering metal and working with wood, church bells, voices and almost every medieval sound you can imagine. Sound Effects. New Products. Product Search Track Search. My Cart.Buy sounds previous play pause next autoplay mute unmute.

Medieval Sounds

Update Required To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin. Warfare or battleground ambience - middle ages - hordes of men fighting with swords.

Warfare or battleground File type WAV 44kHz, 16bit.

medieval sounds

Library Lynne Publishing. Share share on Facebook share on Twitter. Warfare and battlefields - medieval battlefield - weapons, horses, and soldiers. Warfare and battlefields Warfare and battlefields - medieval battlefield - weapons, horses, and soldiers - distant perspective. Warfare and battlefields - medieval battlefield - weapons and horses - close perspective.

Medieval door peephole - opening and closing - beautiful mechanism sound. File type WAV 48kHz, 24bit. Library Eneas Mentzel Sound. Old medieval city ambience - within the walls - people and movement - wintertime on a narrow alley - T Old Medieval City Walls P File type WAV 96kHz, 24bit. Library Trent Williams.

Old medieval city ambience - within the walls - turret room - Tallinn, Estonia. Old Medieval City Wall T Old medieval city ambience - within the walls - people and movement - wintertime - Tallinn, Estonia. Old Medieval City Wall P Old medieval city ambience - within the walls - distant perspective - wind blowing - wintertime - Tallinn, Old Medieval City Wall D Old medieval city ambience - within the walls - Tallinn, Estonia.Want to save money on sound effects?

Home Sound Effects Medieval Battle. Medieval Battle contains a wide variety of sounds taken straight from the battlefield. Unleash the full force of your army with effects from a diverse range of medieval weaponry, crowds, horses and battle charges. There are also battle cries, screams and shouts to make the audience feel like they are right there on the frontlines. To bring you the most organic and natu ral battle sounds, we recorded actors performing in a quiet exterior location.

All sounds were recorded in 24Bit 96kHz, allowing for further sonic manipulation. If you think your sound collection is in need of some reinforcements then this is the library for you!

Medieval Battle is ideal for use in Film, TV and Game projects, and will make a perfect addition to your sound design arsenal. Crowds : Crowd rushes and static battle cries in a natural exterior location make these effects perfect for building the bed of a huge Medieval warzone.

Male Voices: 4 individual male actors perform multiple vocalisations including screams, grunts and efforts. Download [ Your Review. Sign me up for the much-loved A Sound Effect newsletter too!

We have been crafting custom sound effects for almost 10 years. Now we would like to share them with the world. With A Sound Effect, Asbjoern has created a web site where our international community can browse, learn, and share the vast fruits of our labors.

Together we are accelerating the very real potential power of sound design as a recognized art form. A Sound Effect is an excellent resource for us to keep our animated films sounding unique and exciting. We found the site very easy to navigate, purchasing and downloads were effortless and the effects themselves are awesome! Asbjoern has done us all a great service. There are many great independent sound effect libraries available these days. The main problem with having so many, is keeping track of them!

A Sound Effect is a great hub, and is one of the first places I visit to look for sounds by category or genre.

medieval sounds

And in the process discovered libraries I never would have found otherwise. Great work! Keep it up! We're always looking for new sounds to mangle, so when A Sound Effect had a holiday sale, I tried them out. A Sound Effect is a wonderful resource for indie sound effects libraries.

On top of that, it has some of the finest sound design, film and game audio interviews! I often need very specific types of sounds so I've become a big supporter of independent recorders. Until now I've always had to go to their individual websites. Now I can find them all in one place. A Sound Effect is a well curated boutique sound effects shop and a great place to find industry interviews and learning resources.

Account Contact. Follow on: Twitter Facebook LinkedIn. Search For Sounds Search for: Search. Search for:.Full-blown epic composition in medieval baroque style with dramatic mood and bombastic orchestral sound. Similar to Game of Thrones, or The Tudors soundtrack. Excellent soundscape for heroic cinematic plots, war games, opening intro, final triumph, film credits, documentaries about Middle ages, Valhalla heroes, honor, and eternal glory.

medieval sounds

The atmospheric, ethereal Celtic composition includes fabulous flute, tender harp, and natural bird song fx. Very relaxed and soothing. Ideal for spa procedure, healing therapy, meditation, aromatherapy, beautiful misty forest, and mountain footage, fairy wolds, and elf nation, Scottish highlands, and Irish countrysides.

The tempo is fast and upbeat, with an Irish jig twang making it useful for advertising or TV commercial implying laughter, fun and joy in Ireland.

Also suitable for adventure productions, uplifting and incredibly cinematic plots, Medieval castles, knights and fair ladies, etc. Solemn background music loop with a Celtic flavor, featuring bagpipes.

Great for traditional Middle Age festivals, Medieval England, Scotland's culture, Scottish history, patriotic campaign, epic-scale historical drama, like Braveheart.

Medieval Sounds

Deeply dramatic cinematic music theme, that builds into a glorious climax and is similar to Game of Thrones soundtrack. Conveys pride and loyalty. Featuring hypnotic piano line, guitars, solo cello, strings and synths. Ideal for Epic movie trailer or projects about Middle ages, fantasy world, a historic documentary about Old Empires.

Dark, creepy and sinister orchestral track that conveys an eerie mood of mystery, tension and mistrust. Chamber strings woodwinds, brass and piano convey a menacing, mysterious atmosphere. Great for mystery, horror, supernatural and dramatic trailers, films and video games.

10 hours - Medieval City Ambience - Backround Sounds - ASMR, Study, Fairytale

Modern Gothic track. Medieval mood. Gregorian choir mixed with trendy drums and loops. A reflective, thoughtful, and tranquil Celtic background music. The harp solo sounds smoothly and gives a sense of peace and quiet. Perfect for cinematic projects, fairy tail narrations, forest elf games, Medieval documentaries, fabulous shimmer, and other project needing an outstanding folk soundscape.

A medieval time happy celebration music suitable for renaissance era, feasts, carnivals and fairy tales scenery. Featuring an acoustic guitar, harpsichord, violin and flutes. Can be used in games and movies with celebrations in the old times when there were kings, queens and court jesters. Dramatic cinematic composition with Celtic-flavoured orchestral theme. An ideal underscore for a romantic drama, fantasy or fairytale plots, distant dreamscape, enchanting storytelling, traditional Gaelic documentaries, beautiful nature landscape.Do you like folky, medieval, middle eastern flavoured music and also modern bass electronica?

We do and we like to explore how elements of these might work together. This is how we recorded our track Outreme r in early April It features medieval sounds such as the Viola Da Gamba, Psaltery and Frame Drums alongside some dubstep influenced bass wobble.

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