Om606 swap kit

Just think about it…a built Jeep with off-idle, stump-pulling torque on 35s or 37s, pulling down 30 mpg and rolling down the highway at 1, rpm.

om606 swap kit

Yeah, we thought so, too. So we rounded up as many of the companies we could find that build diesel-swap kits or do cool diesel engine swaps that you could use for your Jeep. Now, you are going to ask if they are legal. Well, the bottom line is you will have to do that research yourself. Every state treats swapping a gas engine for a diesel engine differently, so before you go getting out the credit card, check into it.

Mileage numbers vary greatly from driver to driver and Jeep to Jeep. Will a diesel swap ever pay for itself? Well, if you were on the road every day, then yes, it might eventually pay for itself. But that is not really a great reason to do it. But considering the longevity of most diesel engines, the better mileage, and their operating characteristics, then a swap starts to sound a lot better.

For us, it is the combination of the three reasons that we always play with the ideas. Cummins Jeff Daniels When we first spoke with the company several years ago, it was just starting to evaluate the feasibility of putting the 3.

Oil Burning - Diesel Swap guide

The company knows what kind of 4BT you will need to keep your accessories and for best front driveshaft clearance and it has designed its own vibration-isolating engine mounts. Expect around mpg, depending on how heavy your Jeep is and how you drive it. Bruiser Conversions Got JK? Want diesel? Bruiser Conversions offers both builders kits and full-on installation of 4BT engines. The kit includes a transmission adapter, throttle pedal assembly, intermediate housing and flywheel, battery tray, correct componentry for your engine, power steering pump and eight-groove drive pulley.

Also there is always the option to take your Jeep and have the conversion done for you as well. Get high 20 mpg in mixed driving on inch tires. The company has a staggering array of new Cummins engines in stock. In fact, it has everything from transmissions and T-cases to turbos, ECMs, injectors, flywheels, and more.

At the time of the photoshoot, the Jeep had the factory 3. Mercenary Off-Road Want a diesel-powered Wagoneer? Live near Camarillo, California? Mercenary Offroad can shoehorn a 5. As it is, the intercooler is pretty tight to the late-model grille on this Wagoneer. And it should get around 25 mpg if you can stay out of the fun pedal.

Not a problem. Call Aaron Reeves Garage and ask about its kit. It includes liquid-filled motor mounts to kill vibration and both engine and frame-side bolt-on mounts with all hardware.

Also included is a video installation guide, a transmission crossmember to work with an NV, TF, or 47RH, and a liquid-filled transmission mount. The company produces adapter kits to get from the OM five-cylinder to a huge array of factory Jeep transmissions. The kits include a bellhousing adapter, crank adapter, and hardware needed. If you prefer, you can take your Jeep to the company and have the engine installed. Doing it yourself?

Our Complete Guide to Parts and Providers for Gas-to-Diesel Engine Swaps

Then you will happy to learn that universal engine mounts, exhaust kits, and oil pans are available. There are many of the still on the road today with overmiles on them. The kits include the adapter plate, a custom flywheel, a pilot bearing, and required hardware.Simple mechanical diesels cope the best with the appalling conditions we ask our cars to live in, but the usual suspects cannot produce enough power over a wide enough rev range and more importantly they aren't flexible enough.

I bought an Isuzu 4bd1t, these have all the reliability we'd ever need and are capable of respectable power, but they only rev to rpm so I don't think it would be flexible enough. So no wires, no sensors.

That's the one, its a Nissan patrol on Volvo's with 42" pit bull rockers. He's mated the up to the patrol gearbox. I've been lurking around STD for a number of years, there's some clever people with experience on there, there's also quite a lot of BS as well. Suppose its probably one of the best engines if you have to run the Devils Fuel. Seriously looks good, interesting to see how you'r gonna fair with connecting it to the LT, 6 speed would sure be nice offroad giving you an extra ratio for some climbs could prove very valuable.

Merc has always been able to make some really revvy diesels, its quite amazing really, though there seems to be two huge disadvantages only based on my poor knowledge from fixing a few up for sale when I was an apprentice First up low down grunt isn't good, and it easily stalls when dropping the clutch.

And secondly somehow the injection pump they use doesn't seem to be happy holding a constant RPM, ie. Idle is a little choppy I suspect it has had a secondhand pump fitted I think the FIP timing is slightly out.

An amazing amount of stuff for Huh? That looks really nice as an option, though I truly don't understand your dislike of electronics. If you switch back to a clockwork-and-string injection-setup you lose both the 'adaptive' features and the ability of the engine to actually tell you - historically - what issues it's been having recently.

Clockable Adapter for TDI Engines

One of my clients has, for the last 15 years, run a fleet of Mercedes "Sprinter" vans, which are driven full-bore on night-time courier runs - if one does less than miles in a day it's seen as not pulling its weight. The ability to query their computers and so be forewarned of any underlying engine-issues has spectacularly reduced their overall fleet downtime. I agree with this. However, the difficulties with electronics are the included security features that come with more modern engines.

There's much to be said for a simple FIP that will inject fuel when the engine is spun over. There was someone who developed an Arduino sketch that ran an electronic version of the OM I'm sure a google search will turn it up. The actual electronics and associated diagnostics hold no fear for me, I just firmly believe they have no place on a car that I expect to happily run on its side neck deep in mud hole.

In my opinion the electronics that are commonplace on a modern diesel engine do not make the engine run any better, the only reason they are there is to vastly improve emissions and fuel economy.

I am more than happy to trade a bit of black smoke and using another gallon or so of fuel over a weekend for no electronics or there associated fragility. I will go for a ZF gearbox from an Iveco they can cope with the NM's and if one chose the right one you will have a granny first and couple it to a LT in some way, the beaty about the ZF's in the serie that I am looking at is that they are cable operated so one can get the gear lever right where you want it.

That picture makes it look an awful lot like the BMW diesel in the PForums New posts Search forums. Media New media New comments Search media. Russia- Land-Cruiser. Calendar New events. Log in Register. Search titles only. Word Count:. New posts. Search forums.

OM606 Mercedes BIG TURBO Compilation

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Thread starter Bryan Plunkett Start date Aug 7, Bryan Plunkett. So after many years of talking about, lurking through forums, and frankly annoying even myself with all talk and no action, I finally bit the bullet and started the swap process. I landed on the Mercedes OM due to availability found a wrecked donor vehicle localpower, reputation for robustness, and also the fact that it's an I-6, which should mean it'll be a lot smoother than the rattley 4 cylinder diesel options.

The Truck for starters is a Toyota T 4x4 thats been in the family sinceso it's got some sentimental value to it. The 3. Here is a picture in it's pre-swap state. It's got 1. Last edited: Dec 14, This is the mercedes flexplate. The plan is to use this to keep the trigger wheel and ring gear positions as is. I'll then make an adapter to add the toyota flywheel. I went and bought a toyota 3. Side to side the disks appear the same. Guessing the 3. Finished taking measurements and designing the adapters.

Got the plate and the flywheel spacer in from a machine shop up the street. With access only to a wobbly lathe and a glorified drill press I was more than happy to fork a little money to these guys, primarily on the flywheel adapter due the tolerances needed.

I tapped and helicoiled the holes for the transmission since they were going into aluminum. The Toyota uses 6 M12 bolts and 4 M10s. I was able to get 5 of the M12s and 2 of the M10s in there without overlap with some feature of the Mercedes pattern.

I will weld additional bosses to the bellhousing for these in locations denoted by the circular additions around the adapter. Made this little guy on the lathe to get the one om oil pan hole I couldn't get to with a transfer punch. As expected, the oil pan was going to need some clearancing for the front diff and some for the front diff mount. Also the drain plug was going to need to get moved.The company just finished upgrading a Land Rover Defender with a 3.

om606 swap kit

Lance N. June 28, at pm. There is no possible way any version of the stock turbo can support hp. That Micro Machine turbo is maxed out in stock form. Jonas Poulsen. June 29, at pm. June 30, at pm. September 2, at am. March 3, at am. Patrick Diphoko. March 19, at am. May 14, at am. May 20, at am. How hook up the Diff lock 4wd functionality. Is there a kit I need to get?

Help plssssss!!!!! February 19, at pm. Hi can I fit an om into my 2. Cheers tony Doncaster. Your email address will not be published. Send new articles to your email inbox. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. June 28, at pm There is no possible way any version of the stock turbo can support hp. Thanks for pointing that out. I go back over my notes to see where I messed up.

I would like to swap my tdi litre engine with Laxus ltr 4 camshaft 24valves. Please advise how I can still have the diff lock working with the engine swap. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Try it free for 14 days. View Full Image. Diesel Power Magazine how to. Smith —. Converting from gas to diesel or from one brand of oil-burner to another is also enticing because of the ever-increasing availability of adapters, kits, standalone computers, and wiring harnesses that facilitate using various modern diesel-repower combinations to fit a wide variety of trucks and SUVs.

The diesel-engine mating game has never been more fine-tuned. If you want to repower an older Jeep, Ford, Chevrolet, or Toyota with a Cummins engine, there are sources for the engines, adapters, and complete conversion kits that make it happen. It takes time, knowledge, and patience. With pre-computer era vehicles, a set of engine mounts and a few adapters can put you on the right path very quickly, followed by whatever fabrication, wiring, and welding necessary to get fuel delivery, cooling, and exhaust systems sorted out.

Performing a diesel swap usurps a big chunk of time. A DIY enthusiast with a good knowledge of diesels—and who is adept at welding, wiring, plumbing, and fabrication—can usually pull off a basic gas-to-diesel or diesel-to-diesel swap in 40 to 60 hours. Those who yearn to bolt a diesel into their rig but are either a little lacking on the mechanical aspects or short on time, can turn to shops that specialize in turnkey conversions to handle the work. The key to smiling when you hear that distinctive engine purr of a successfully executed diesel conversion is doing a lot of research to get everything lined up before a wrench is turned.

To help speed up that part of the repower process, check out our overviews. We found more than two dozen companies that can help smooth the way for your diesel repower. Cummins Repower Converting older vehicles with Cummins 3. The high-tech, electronically injected common-rail R2. With tuning only, shops such as Bruiser Conversions are already seeing hp and lb-ft of torque from R2. When it comes to conversions, the bulky 4BT is a pain to install, while the compact R2.

It includes the ECM, throttle pedal and cable, CAN display, OBD II port, firewall bulkhead connector, dashboard-integration wiring harness, starter, vacuum pump, power-steering pump, alternator, eight-rib belt and pulleys, remote oil and fuel-filter systems, and universal bracket to mount air-conditioning equipment. All this diesel needs to run is fuel, 12 volts, the appropriate cooling system, and a suitable frame to call home.

As of this writing, the Cummins R2. Just wait until Cummins makes the 5. This Northern California conversion-parts supplier covers five generations of Toyota pickup and Land Cruiser. The primary diesel conversion focuses on the 3. If you need an engine, a replacement piece, or a hard-to-find part during your Cummins repower project, this is the place to contact. Advance Adapters One of the most well-known companies offering adapters for all varieties of applications, Advance Adapters [ ; advanceadapters.

Advance is said to have systems for other R2. Axis also provides R2. Bell Intercoolers [ ; bellintercoolers. Bruiser Conversions Bruiser Conversions [ ; bruiserconversions. Bruiser systems cover all JK, YJ, TJ, and CJ models, and kits include brackets and mounts, intercoolers, custom wiring harnesses, fuel-system components, and air-conditioning parts if requested.

Performance ECM tuning and turbocharger upgrades for the R2.These companies offer kits or individual products to help with an engine swap. These are kits I have come across while researching for articles. I have not been paid to post nor make any claims as to their quality. Use at your own risk.

Please contact us to submit a product or kit. Scroll left or right to see more details. Want your product to stand out from the rest? Please get in contact with us. Swap Kit List Scroll left or right to see more details. RB Factory. Hux Racing. JSP Fab. CX Racing. Jags That Run.

Detroit Speed. Pucker Factory. Dakota Customs. Levels Performance. LSx Everything. NSX K-series engine swap mounts. RX8 Performance. V8 Roadsters. SCP Parts. Zombie Motors.

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Freed Engineering. Frankenstein Motorsports. Titan Motorsports.Portal Search Calendar Help. Hello There, Guest! Login Register. Login Username: Password: Lost Password? Remember me. Thread Rating: 0 Vote s - 0 Average 1 2 3 4 5. Thread Modes. I bought myself a headache early a jeep wrangler yj '89 2. The tub was so far gone I had to replace most of it, the frame was patched and everything was sandblasted and painted. It took me a year of labor to get it back in an acceptable shape.

It looked nice, but was still a turd mechanically, every oil seal that could leak was leaking. I thought I don't have enough funds to rebuild the engine, so I'll just let it blow before I invest in it. It took about km before I lost compression and got rod knock since the frame off restoration.

Given that I was unemployed at the time I just let it sit in the back yard for most of this year. For some reason the piece of crap Renault made Renix ECU was dumping a shit ton of gas in to the engine, it ran without oil film on the cylinders and within a few km the oil turned in to a flammable liquid.

om606 swap kit

I checked everything there is on this engine and just gave up. In the meantime I and some of my friends built a trash boat to keep our poor souls busy. I always wanted to do a TDI or Mercedes diesel swap but could not swallow the costs involved. Broke the car in half, scrapped it, kept the engine. I never saw the engine running as rats had molested the wiring harness, but I thought- what could happen to the engine, those things are bulletproof. I finally set my finances straight and dug deeper.

The camshafts looked in a pristine condition, but I had to take care of the intake situation. I pulled the head and sent it to a restoration place to get everything sorted- drilled out 3 glow plugs, resurfaced, new seals, valve seats, valve surface rust removal, broken stud extraction, etc.

I wanted to go with the om pump, but realized I don't want to fuck around the fuel delivery adjustment and not that controllable emissions to make it road legal. I have since put a lot of accessories and sandblasted everything. I started and almost finished drawing my own adapter in solidworks with help of some of the members here, but given my now employed ass and lack of will to put together the assembly at least a dozen times to get everything were it needs to be I chose to go with a commercial adapter package.

I ordered the OM to AX15 adapter from mercedesdiesel4x4. There are some engineering choices I do not agree with and some parts of the workmanship leave more to be wanted for the price. The starter was not fitting well and had to be ground out. The allegedly "good to go" flywheel had to have 8grams removed to balance it. It feels like it is made out of a very soft steel and all the 8. The weld marks on the plates seem like they have been stuck together with an empty gas tank.

I got the adapter anodized to not look like a turd after one day of our salty road experience.

om606 swap kit

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