Richard felders legacy website

Rebecca Brent, Ed. President, Education Designs, Inc. Chapel Hill, North Carolina Email : rbrent mindspring. Brent is President of Education Designs, Inc.

She has more than 35 years of experience in education and specializes in staff development in engineering and the sciences, teacher preparation, and evaluation of educational programs at both precollege and college levels, and has authored or coauthored roughly papers on those topics. She earned a B. Click here to find out more about Dr. Prior to entering private consulting, she was an Associate Professor of Education at East Carolina University where she won an outstanding teacher award.

InDr. Click here to read a profile of Dr. Richard M. Felder, Ph. Hoechst Celanese Professor Emeritus of Chem. North Carolina State University Email : rmfelder mindspring. Felder joined the N. State University faculty in He has won numerous awards for his teaching, research, and publications, including the American Institute of Chemical Engineers Warren K.

Separately and together, we have terrain 3d model over workshops on effective teaching, course design, mentoring and supporting new faculty members, and faculty development, on campuses around the world, and we co-directed the American Society for Engineering Education National Effective Teaching Institute from to Education Designs, Inc.

EDI is a company started by, run by, and consisting entirely of the two of us, with the goal of promoting the widespread adoption of research-proven teaching methods.

richard felders legacy website

The company produces and provides education-related resources publications, a blog, and an assessment tool called the Index of Learning Styles and programs workshops and presentations and program evaluation services.

Visit our Facebook page at www.Under the smart, effectively calculated direction of Trevor HayFelder leaves the stage with no lofty ambition unsatisfied; not only does he organically and authentically express the humanizing wants, fears and imagined musings of a figure ascribed into historical legend, but Felder simultaneously plays the piano with unparalleled power, poise and musical panache.

The compelling creativity of this concept is backed by extensive research and a dialectically immersive script — in part assisted by the historical and biographical research efforts of Meghan Maiya. Tchaikovsky is a profoundly humanizing, heart-wrenching, symphonically harmonious extension of the series.

A synopsis of the plot may be found here. In an expository aside, Felder himself even muses on the profound irony of being called by Russian producers to create and perform this work on Tchaikovsky in Moscow — the capital of a country that refuses to accept the homosexual identity of the hero they idolize.

Our Great Tchaikovsky is just as much a reflection on a great artist as it is a social commentary — an indictment of societies that ignorantly refuse to accept the existence, experience or validity of homosexuality. The exploration and demonstration of hiding something as fundamental and vital as sexual identity is immensely powerful, and the subject is approached with compassion and sensitivity throughout the piece.

richard felders legacy website

Lighting design by Christopher Ash helps create a certain claustrophobic closeness with Felder and his historical muse, despite the large space of the Steppenwolf Upstairs Theater.

Felder has an innate gift or well-nurtured aptitude for creating deceptively comfortable intimacy with an audience.

Richard Felder’s Legacy Website

Flawless sound design by Erik Carstensen supports the magnitude of this musical experience with unseen nuance and much-heard perfection. This play expertly marries music to drama; deliberate musical beat shifts illustratively motivate pensive reflections and evocative revelations.

With internationally-renowned talent and a production crew of unparalleled facility, Our Great Tchaikovsky is an intimate and intriguing theatrical journey that is unlikely to be replicated anywhere — or any whenfor that matter — in this city, or any other.

See our interview with Felder here. Halsted St. More information and tickets may be found here. Recent Posts. Our Partners. A dynamic community for passionate participants and patrons of musical theatre in Chicago and its suburbs.

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View license. Releases No releases published. You signed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session. You signed out in another tab or window.His knightly manner and his prowess in the Third Crusade —92 made him a popular king in his own time as well as the hero of countless romantic legends. He has been viewed less kindly by more recent historians and scholars. They forced him to acknowledge Richard as his heir and harried him to his death.

Richard I spent little time in England during his reign as king. Rather than planning for the future of the English monarchy, he put everything up for sale to fund the Crusade that he would lead. He managed to raise a fleet and an army and departed for the Holy Land in Sailing home via the Adriatic, Richard I was captured and imprisoned in the castle of Duke Leopold of Austria, whom he had insulted during the Crusade.

He was later handed over to the German emperor Henry VI. He was released inonce the enormous ransom that Henry demanded had been raised by the English. Richard I spent the last years of his life in France. In he was fatally wounded while besieging the castle of the vicomte of Limoges, who had refused to hand over a hoard of gold to Richard. He died at the age of Richard possessed precocious political and military ability, won fame for his knightly prowess, and quickly learned how to control the turbulent aristocracy of Poitou and Gascony.

He joined his brothers in the great rebellion —74 against their father, who invaded Aquitaine twice before Richard submitted and received pardon.

Learning Styles and Index of Learning Styles

Thereafter Richard was occupied with suppressing baronial revolts in his own duchy. Richard was now heir to England and to Normandy and Anjou which were regarded as inseparableand his father wished him to yield Aquitaine to his youngest brother, John. But Richard, a true southerner, would not surrender the duchy in which he had grown up, and even appealed, against Henry II, to the young king of FrancePhilip II.

In November he did homage to Philip for all the English holdings on French soil and in openly joined forces with Philip to drive Henry into abject submission. They chased him from Le Mans to Saumurforced him to acknowledge Richard as his heir, and at last harried him to his death July 6, Richard received Normandy on July 20 and the English throne on September He had no conception of planning for the future of the English monarchy and put up everything for sale to buy arms for the Crusade.Please help.

The Index of Learning Styles has been accessible at no cost to non-commercial users since Its use has grown faster than I ever imagined possible, however, and I now spend an inordinate amount of time on maintenance and support.

I still intend to keep the ILS free to non-commercial users, but if you have found it useful—especially if you have administered it to multiple users such as your students or subjects in a research study you are conducting—I would be grateful if you could make a modest donation to help support it.

Many thanks. Felder and Linda K. The instrument was developed and validated by Richard M. Felder and Barbara A. Users answer 44 a-b questions and submit the survey, and their four preferences are reported back to them immediately to be copied or printed out.

The results are not stored: when the report window is closed,the results are irretrievably lost.

richard felders legacy website

ILS users should be aware of an important point. Such labeling is at best misleading, and can be harmful if the student uses the label as justification for a major shift in curriculum or career choice.

The following resources are available for viewing and except for the first one downloading. ILS questionnaire. The online version of the ILS.

Frequently asked questions. Responses to frequently asked questions about the ILS, including questions about its origin, reliability and validity, availability for use in teaching and research, and how businesses may license it.

Felder and J. Litzinger, S. Lee, J. Wise, and R. It can be downloaded free from www.College teaching may be the only skilled profession for which no preparation or training is provided or required. You get a Ph. See you later. The foundation of this website is a collection of resources compiled by Dr. Many of the articles and columns it contains were coauthored by his colleague and frequent collaborator Dr. Rebecca Brent.

That website closed December 31,and content from it was moved to this site. Browse through the sections shown on the left. Learn more. Visit now. Many professors are surprised to learn that. There are well-defined instructional techniques that make teaching more effective.

These techniques can be introduced slowly and methodically, without compromising coverage of the syllabus. They do not require large expenditures of money, time and effort. Most importantly, the techniques have been validated by careful, documented, repeatable research. Their effectiveness is not simply a matter of opinion.

They work! This site offers guidance on what those techniques are and tips and resources for using them.No disrespect to Glenn Frey — whose death this week is a cause for genuine mourning — but the Eagles were, quite simply, the worst rock and roll band.

And hating the Eagles defines whether a music fan is a fan of music or just a bandwagon-jumper. Through the early s, the Eagles defined the "easy listening" genre, as if rock and roll is supposed to be a warm glass of milk to get you to bed. Even the band's most-played song, "Take it Easy," is a soulless take on Jackson Browne's version, which at least suggests that the girl in rapidly decelerating flatbed Ford might have something on her mind than sharing a soda at the diner.

Frey even co-wrote the song — which shows how poorly his Eagles bandmates did by him. How generic were the Eagles? When the much edgier and much more musically inventive Steely Dan needed a band to mock, it chose the Eagles. Walter Becker and Donald Fagen captured it in one line: the Eagles were suburban conformity, writ large — the music you mom and dad would let you play on the living room hifi you could go upstairs and listen to the Clash after dinner.

richard felders legacy website

Even the Eagles' signature hit, "Hotel California," endures only because of its mysterious lyrics, which hint at political upheaval in the Golden State. But the song offers little for anyone but a small group of nerds trying to decode it. It's the Eagles' version of "American Pie," a solid song, but ultimately a novelty one. This diatribe has one caveat: Joe Walsh. The greatest of all Eagles always kept his soft-rock comrades at arm's length, the better to maintain his sanity and his outside identity as a musician who had a pair a pair of hits, I mean: " Life's Been Good " and " All Night Long ".

There's a reason Walsh wasn't an original Eagle, but asked to join the band. He played guitar like a rock star. His solo with Don Felder in "Hotel California" is the only reason to listen to the song. There is no greater example of the Eagles' ultimate place in music history than an insult delivered in " The Big Lebowski," the Coen Brothers' icon of cool.

He asks the driver to change the station, saying, "Man, I've had a rough night and I hate the fing Eagles! He gets thrown out of the cab by the driver, who clearly doesn't care about music, but just wanted to take it easy.

That's all that the Coen Brothers needed to say. Skip to content. Glenn Frey in He was a great man and a good musician, but he was part of a truly bad rock band. Related Gallery. The Eagles' greatest hits -- the album that everyone brought to college and no one wanted to listen to again.

The Eagles. Most Read. Two women arrested for smearing black paint on Fifth Ave. BLM mural, cop hurt while trying to stop the vandals.

Disney World employees among 16 men arrested in child pornography sting. A sportscar with hot woman drives by playing "Viva Las Vegas. Recommended on Daily News.

Latest Music. Epileptic patients listening to Mozart composition suffered fewer seizures: study.

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