Super simple fat quarter quilts

Florals and solids combine for a stunning but easy-to-sew bed quilt. You can change the theme of the large rectangles-think plaids or reproduction prints-to customize for any room. Get the free quilt pattern here. This century-old quilt is a scrap-lovers dream.

super simple fat quarter quilts

Use solid fabrics and vertical line quilting to add modern flair to a mini that mimics a barn quilt. A simple Pinwheel block is quite a star when it's surrounded by multiple borders-pieced and plain. Make a quick-to-assemble patriotic picnic throw or cozy cottage twin-size bed quilt from your favorite scrappy assortment of red, white, and blue fat quarters.

A small throw can add a dash of color to a room that has a neutral color palette. Alternate light and dark prints for a throw that takes it one step at a time. Time-saving strip piecing and fat quarters makes it easy to un edifact coparn a Four-Patch quilt.

Add fun and fuction to a stroller-size quilt by sewing ribbon and rickrack loops into the blocks. To get the scrappy look of this quilt in a speedy way, invite your friends over for a house-block quilting party. Combine a variety of pastel fat quarters in Floating Star units to make a sweet lap-size quilt.

A range of blues and grays, gradating from light to dark, produce the look of waves on a stormy night. Pairing blue with gray instead of white puts a twist on the classic two-color combination. Making Necktie blocks is much easier than you may think, especially with this fool-the-eye trick for easy piecing. Bright print squares alternate with Four-Patch blocks in a cheerful table runner.

The large pieces allow you to utilize the gradient effect and to see the shade changes in each fabric strip. Build your color confidence by mixing fat quarters in a variety of hues. Include a few lighter and brighter fabrics to add sparkle and keeps the eye moving around the quilt. Use the same cream print in alternating squares to balance a variety of florals and dark prints. While the finished wall hanging offers plenty to look at, it isn't overwhelming.

For a traditional look, use only two prints for each Broken Dishes block. Colorful batik lanterns shine bright against a dark blue batik sky in this beautiful wall hanging.

Make a scrappy yet orderly quilt using aqua, lime, and cocoa print fat quarters. Aqua tone-on-tone sashing and binding tie together the fabrics. Use more than 30 fat quarters when you stitch this cozy throw and coordinating pillows.

This time-saving quilt involves just five rows of multicolored rectangles finished by long sashing strips and a border from a single novelty print. Don't spend time searching for your pincushion. Make a jumbo, tufted cushion in bright, lively prints and finding it will be a cinch! Get the free pincushion pattern here. Cut rectangles from floral fat quarters and join them with solid watermelon pink strips to create pieced rows.

Whip up a two-color table mat using six fat quarters. Embellish pieces of bright fat quarters with rickrack for a square patchwork pillow.

Get the free pillow pattern here. Four-Patch blocks and setting squares team up for a fabulous square table topper. Whip up a reusable gift bag with just two fat quarters. Make bags for holidays, birthdays, or any time of year!You must be logged in to add a private note. Login Register. We are adding the pattern to your Quilt Basket.

Click here to view your Quilt Basket. You must be logged in to add a pattern. Fat quarters are one of the most versatile types of pre-cuts because they come in a large square, making them perfect for simple patchwork as well as essential for more intricate patterns as they can easily be trimmed to fit just about any shape. If you have a stash of FQ packs in your home, you will be pulling them out as soon as you check out these cuties.

With all this variety, you are going to be quilting for years to come. Don't miss our video that's right below. Watch it and learn how to make a pillow using fat quarters from designer Carolina Moore. This is a great tutorial for visual learners and it's a beautiful project you won't want to miss.

If you're ready to make your first quilt, then you can't go wrong with fat quarters. These free fat quarter quilt patterns are the perfect way to take your quilting skills to the next level. From lap quilts to bed quilt patterns, these beginner quilt patterns are designed to use your prettiest fat quarters.

Super Simple Fat Quarter Quilts

This Urban Scandinavian HST Quilt Pattern is a simple and chic quilt pattern that's simple enough for beginners and finishes at the perfect size for a king size bed.

This World Parcel Quilt Pattern features fat quarters in bright pops of color and is a simple, modern quilt that's light and airy for summer. This Rainbow Rail Fence Quilt Tutorial uses small strip quilt blocks and fat quarters, and is the perfect way to experiment with color value, monochromatic color schemes, or gorgeous batiks.

Travel to a classic English garden without leaving your quilt studio with a free baby quilt pattern inspired by the British countryside. Made as an easy-to-download PDF, this free quilt pattern uses simple squares to create its pattern in snowy white, vibrant fuschia, and lipstick pink. This quilting tutorial lets you create a rainbow of color using half-square triangles to make a graphically stunning quilt. Get started on these awesome fat quarter quilt patterns for kids. Simply piece together colorful scrappy fabric, and pretty soon you'll have a fat quarter quilt that is personalized to your child's style.

With this fun fat quarter project, you can create a whimsical pattern using bright colors and fun prints to make an adorable baby quilt. Give your own little sleeping beauty the royal treatment with this pretty baby quilt tutorial. Let them pick out their favorite fat quarter quilt patterns and spend an afternoon spreading the joy of quilting to your loved ones with a free kid's quilt pattern.

This Fat Quarter Patchwork Scarf is adorable with a delicate pom-pom trim! Cut five fat quarters in coordinating colors and patterns into strips to create a brick pattern for a scarf long enough to wrap around your neck. Creating a stunning display of sharp lines and colors within your quilt block patterns is simply a matter of cutting, and this tutorial will show you how much easier it is than you might think.

Pick "12" - Easy, Beginner Fat Quarter Quilt

It is a DIY fat quarter project for a comfortable kids quilt that is easy to make and even easier for them to love. Make a gorgeous spring quilt for your little princess with this free kids quilt pattern.

Travel to the spring meadows of Sweden with this adorable and sweet quilt pattern for girls. This precious little pony-covered quilt is created out of a fat quarter bundle and uses a horse die cut to create the pony shape. These adorable fat quarter baby quilt patterns are great quilted gifts to give to an expecting mother.

You're sure to enjoy these helpful DIY quilting tutorials with step-by-step instructions. Made using budget-friendly fat quarters, this tutorial for how to make a baby quilt uses simple strip piecing and lets you play around with the layout until you're completely satisfied. The unique way of piecing the fabric in this baby quilt pattern creates a beautifully colorful effect. This baby stroller quilt pattern might give you enough fabric left over to make matching bows, hats, or handkerchiefs so that the little one can be decked out in decadent quilted wear.Fat quarters are so fun and tempting to collect.

The bundles fit very neatly into your shopping bag, but they begin to pile up in the sewing room at home. So rather than letting your fat quarter collections gather dust on the shelves, why not put them to good use?

These easy fat-quarter quilt patterns will open your eyes to the endless fun you can have, no matter your quilting style. Here at Martingale, we certainly count ourselves among the fat-quarter fanatics of the world, so we paid homage to these handy little fabric rectangles in Quilting with Fat Quarters.

The book includes 17 fat-quarter friendly quilt patterns from our staff, including the following options that use only fat quarters for the quilt top—no extra yardage needed! Many quilters like to buy fat quarters on their quilting travels. Combine them to create a stunning gradient effect made from super simple blocks. The good news is that you can use whatever you palette you like, manly or not! The blocks are quick and easy to piece, so this quilt comes together in no time. Check out several other great titles for more easy patterns that will inspire you to release your fat quarters from their ribbons and set them free from your stash!

Fast Fat-Quarter Quilts. Fat-Quarter Quickies by Kathy Brown. How many fat quarters are lingering in your stash? Fewer than ten? More than 20? Too many to count? Tell us in the comments! Must sign in or register first; free shipping and discount will apply at checkout. I have about 15 bundles waiting for a project, and about waiting to be cut into usable charms, layers, and bars. I had to quit buying anymore until I use what I have…. Waaay too many!

I recently reorganized my sewing stash by color and split apart a lot of the fat quarter bundles, but left a sufficient number together because, well, just because! I might be close to the "too many to count" category … despite a number of scrap quilts made, sharing with friends and with newbie quilters for starter stashes!!

I have way too many fat quarters to count, mostly because they are not stored as fat quarter groups or set. I treat them as I do other cuts or yardage: wash, press, sort by color then style prints, marbles, batiks, reads-like-solids, etc. Then the first fun begins! Too many to count. I stopped buying large yardage on a whim. Fats give me a chance to try different fabrics together. I make a lot of miniature quilts so fat quarters are nice for that purpose. Way too many to count! I love the projects in this book — I should go get some sewed up into beautiful quilts!

FQ cheers! OK, there are fat quarters in my storage bags, plus 6 collections. My goal for the last 6months of is to use some of them, having focused on scrap quilts for the past 18 months. I am too embarrassed to tell you how many fat quarters i have in my stash…. Only a few fat quarters here, since I usually buy them with specfic projects in mind. I do make an exception for the solid rainbow pack, since that works as "pop" for any color scheme.

I never understood the point of "fat quarters" until I began looking for specific colors or patterns for one particular quilt.Quilting fabric comes in all sorts of pre-cut bundles, such as Charm Packs or Jelly Rolls.

You can also buy your own selection of fabric choices in pieces known as Fat Quarters. What is a Fat Quarter? A Fat Quarter is typically a piece of quilting fabric that is cut to 22 inch by 18 inch. These fabric pieces can then be sewn together as they are to produce a large patterned quilt, or the pieces can be cut in numerous ways to provide the size of fabric required for the quilting pattern. Some of these include tutorials and all are suitable for sewing beginners.

This is a very well illustrated tutorial on how to sew a quilt from cutting up Fat Quarters to produce a herring-bone design. The secret to this quilt is in the folding and cutting of your fabric.

14 Fabulous Fat Quarter Quilts

However, the step-by-step instructions clearly explain everything you need to do to create this fantastic looking quilt. Quick Herringbone Quilt Tutorial. This tutorial shows you how to sew your own place-mats using Fat Quarters. If place-mats are not your thing, then you can easily copy the project pattern to create multiple panel blocks to form a quilt. This is a pretty strait forward sew and the instructions are well written and illustrated.

The tutorial shows you how to cut your Fat Quarter, and then how to sew a triangle onto each square to give a cut-away effect. The easy-to-follow tutorial explains how to cut your Fat Quarters as well as showing you in step-by-step detail how to sew your quilt pieces together.

Fat Quarter Baby Quilt Tutorial. An interesting quilt pattern created from squares which are then sewn together to form crosses. The tutorial also includes a how to guide on sewing a quilt with one large cross throughout the quilt. These projects are suitable for beginners, with easy-to-follow instructions. Modern Plus Quilt Tutorial. This is possibly one of the quickest and simplest quilts you can sew. The pattern is made from sewing Fat Quarter pieces together.

An easy-to-follow tutorial and an ideal project if you just want to complete a quilt quickly to prove to yourself you can do it. Simple Squares Quilt Tutorial. Two sewing patterns in one here. The first is for a larger quilt sewn from diamond shaped pieces of fabric, and the second is sewn from the leftover triangle from when you cut your Fat Quarter.

Both are fairly easy to sew but would not suit a novice quilter. Diamonds — Fat Eighth Frenzy Pattern. This quilt pattern is for sale via the link on the web-site. However, if you have some quilting experience then you would be able to get some ideas to create your own zig-zag quilt patterns.

Try using fabric with strong print and colors and the zig-zag effect would be dazzling. This tutorial shows you how to cut your Fat Quarters to create a broken-glass effect in your quilt panels. The secret to the success of this quilt is to cut carefully through all your pieces of fabric in one go so that they slot together well when you come to sewing them together. Refracted Quilt Pattern Tutorial. This is a simple sewing tutorial that shows you how to create a very interesting effect by cutting some stripes off your Fat Quarters and then creating quilt panels from the random pieces.

This tutorial is easy to follow and the instructions are fully supported with color photographs. Simple Stripes Beginner Quilt Tutorial.As you may have noticed from my sewing projects, I like to create pieces that are simple and fast to make. I have very little patience which the one thing I wish I could change most about myself. Before I learned to sew, I had no idea what was involved in making quilts.

Like most people, I had no clue of the hours and hours of labor that goes into some of the gorgeous quilts you see at trade shows, pinterest etc.

Once I learned how to sew, I knew I had to do quilts. They are so pretty and working with the different fabric designs is addicting! However, little patience and zero quilting experience is not the best traits to have when making these masterpieces. I decided to create a super simple quilt pattern from fat quarters.

The blue and red subtle hues caught my eyes. I am kinda proud of myself for the way it turned out. Love it. Take a look at the finished quilt HERE.

I love how pretty the patterns were without being too overwhelming and bright. The subtle contrast of the grays on blue and reds on yellow really stood out to me. This group with the grays and reds were my favorite. I found myself reaching more for this group during my layout. Again, the warmth of the solids on these dark backgrounds really brings out the design well. My favorite in this set is the dark wavy lines. I bought some extra yardage for this one for another project. The reds in this bundle gave me the idea to do a simple patchwork design.

I think red in patch work patterns really helps to bring out the designs on other lighter designs. Group your strips based on color design and intensity with large designs together, medium prints, small prints etc.

Form 4 groups. Take each of your strips and remake the fat quarter again. Repeat until you have 20 fat quarters. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. For this quilt top you will need.Is there a new baby on the way? Make one of these amazing fat quarter baby quilts. All of these patterns are both easy and free! You will love what you come up with in these easy sewing projects.

Tiny Trails Baby Quilt. Fabulous Fat Quarter Baby Quilt. Tired of making quilting gifts all the time? These quilts are adult appropriate and will fit right in at your house. The best part is that these fat quarter quilts are super easy to make.

All of the patterns are free, so definitely take a look! Steps to Tranquility Quilt. Nostalgic Fat Quarter Quilt. Homemade Blessings Patchwork Quilt. Indie Chic Circle Quilt. Midwest Crossings Quilt.

Mod Nine Patch Throw. These sewing blogs are absolutely adorable. We love them. This week, we want to give a shout out to Sara, Melissa, LeAnne, and Jen for their stellar fat quarter projects. Special Free Bonus!!! Click here to enter the contest!

super simple fat quarter quilts

Submit a form every day, and you could be the ultimate winner! I need to know how do you figure how many jelly rolls you need to make queen size quilt? I am having to down size Big Time so thought I would strip my fabric stash and make jelly rolls, and also how many strips do put in a jelly roll?

If anyone knows or have the time to answer me, just e-mail me at: lrossell42 gmail. Your email address will not be published. Print This Post. This blog post will give you fun ideas for fat quarters to sew on different occasions.

Simple sewing projects are a great way to use fat quarters. Once you have fat quarter quilt patterns down, you should try one of these 10 Fantastic Fat Quarter Quilt Patternstoo.

Learning how to make a fat quarter quilt is such a cinch. About Latest Posts. Whether you're just learning to quilt or you're a seasoned veteran, FaveQuilts has the free quilting patterns and charts you need!

Create Jelly Roll quilts, tote bags, baby bibs, even quilted jewelry.

super simple fat quarter quilts

We have a bustling community of quilters just waiting to share their ideas with you and welcome you into the family. Comments I need to know how do you figure how many jelly rolls you need to make queen size quilt? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Does your fat quarter stash tend to pile up around your sewing space? Use these clever patterns to make wall quilts, baby quilts and larger quilts for yourself or to give as gifts.

Photo via Bluprint member Michael Ann Made. Love paper piecing? This modern mini quilt has bold, graphic style and shows off seven or more! Play with your own favorite color and fabric combos to sew this 20" x 20" wall quilt. Photo via Bluprint member Jeli Quilts. You'll never look at a solid fat quarter bundle the same way again. Inspired by a postcard set at IKEA, this rainbow lap quilt in two sizes 48" x 60" and 60" x 75" uses about 36 fat quarters, all solid!

It's easy for beginners and a quick project for more skilled quilters! Do you like modern quilt blocks that don't require you to be precise or match up seams?

Then this is the fat quarter pattern for you! Sew it up with five fat quarters and some additional yardage from your stash to make a nice 57" x 68" lap quilt. A solid fat quarter bundle 12 fat quarters and 16 fat eighths looks so refreshing with this stripes and chevrons quilt design.

Photo via Bluprint member Quilts by Emily. Versatile by design, this pre-cut quilt top can be made with 16 fat quarters or a jelly roll, plus 2 yards of solid fabric. Make a 56" x 72" throw, or adapt this free fat quarter quilt pattern to your own size requirements!

The finished project is 34" x 42" and it makes a great newborn quilted play mat. Start Today with a Free Trial Learn on your own schedule with access to thousands of crafting classes. By entering your email address and a password, you are creating an account and agree to the terms of use and privacy policy.

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